Tyson Foods hiring suit tossed; will appeal; evidence they harbored illegal aliens

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From this:
The poultry workers who alleged that Tyson Foods Inc. conspired to depress wages by hiring illegal aliens plan to fight a federal court decision that tossed their [RICO] lawsuit.

The long-contested court battle over whether Tyson Foods Inc. harbored illegal aliens was dismissed Wednesday with prejudice β€” so the case can't be filed again β€” but plaintiffs said the court erred in its 30-page opinion and they would appeal.

...In the new dismissal Wednesday, District Judge Curtis L. Collier said the plaintiffs failed to show evidence that Tyson harbored illegal aliens at seven plants across the South. Those plants were in Shelbyville, Tenn.; Center, Texas; Glen Allen, Va.; Sedalia, Mo.; and Ashland, Gadsden and Heflin in Alabama.

Collier said the plaintiffs did show evidence that Tyson was concealing illegal workers at its Corydon, Ind., plant but failed to show that those actions caused damages...


I'm surprised the attorneys didn't cite the increase in state paid means tested subsidies, school costs, local taxes & debts, and increased crime as a result of Tyson's hiring practices.

The state is not the plaintiff, ordinary hard working Americans are. I expect this summary judgment ruling to be reversed on appeal, as Howard Foster is a brilliant lawyer using RICO statutes to punish criminal employers like Tyson. This judge's ruling is so ridiculous, I could not imagine it won't be overturned on apeeal.

Just a little picture of what is to come. and people do you really think someone will be Punished and for what doing what the government wants? and petty bourgeois its not ridiculous OR OUTRAGEOUS its normal inside a third world justice system, just look at Mexico and its system and you will see the new system of the former USA.