Mexican agents in the state houses? Part 2

Almost six months ago I blogged about Georgia Rep. Pedro Marin and his ties to the non-profit Mexican Center of Atlanta. The Mexican Center had had ties to the Mexican consulate before Marin was selected to be their director. That job paid him $50,000 per year. However, before he was hired the Center moved out of the Mexican consulate's offices and appeared to have disolved its links to the Mexican consulate.

A couple months ago, the Georgia State Ethics Commission declared that everything was on the up and up. They fined Marin a whopping $150 for failing to disclose his membership in that organization, but they rejected the claim that he was lobbying for the Mexican government. It looked to me like the Mexican Center might be a front, but then again I didn't have all the facts and I'm sure the Georgia State Ethics Commission did an in-depth investigation.

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