How to Make Murrieta Immigration Protests More Effective

The problem with the Murrieta immigration protests is that the Federal government has already found a work around: they're simply sending the illegal aliens that were bound for Murrieta to other cities. At the same time, the United Nations is agitating to have the children crossing the border classified as refugees.

While Murrieta sends a message to the Obama administration, it's clearly not enough. The Federal government and perhaps even the U.N. are going to end up winning.

Thankfully, there are much more effective ways to oppose illegal immigration. Illegal immigration would slow to a trickle if it was something that the establishment opposed. It would be sharply reduced if the establishment didn't support it so much. People can stand around waving a sign all day long, but as long as the establishment supports illegal immigration it will continue.

So, what can you do to change the behavior of the establishment? Discredit their "salespeople": those paid to enable illegal immigration. Those "salespeople" include establishment media reporters, politicians, pundits, religious leaders, civic leaders, NGOs, etc. Someone like George Soros isn't going to write articles designed to enable illegal immigration. Instead, those like him fund groups like the Center for American Progress that do that on their behalf.

I realize that standing around waving a sign is satisfying to some extent, but the goal should be to reduce illegal immigration. And, discrediting those intermediaries is the best way to do it.

In this post, I'll list tangible things you can do to discredit those intermediaries. If only a few dozen people do a few of these, it will send a louder message than Murrieta. You can still wave your sign, but just take out a few minutes and try one of these. Even if you just encourage others to do one of these, it will help.

Here's the list, which will be added to as the situation progresses. If anyone needs a starting point for any of these, simply tweet @24AheadDotCom_ and I'll provide more information:

  1. Search Twitter for the #Murrieta hashtag and look for leading liberals opposing the protests. Say to them something like, "whatever you think of #Murrieta, you do realize enabling illegal #immigration helps USChamber lower wages, right?" Obviously that won't immediately change someone's mind, so you'll have to be patient and explain things to them.
  2. Contact top rightwing bloggers and ask them to get together and show Dara Lind's post on Murrieta wrong. It's wrong about various things, and that can be used to undercut Vox Media to their supporters. Ezra Klein of Vox probably has a contact at the top levels of the White House, so undercutting Vox will send a message that the Obama administration will likely hear about. After a top blogger shows Lind wrong, send the link to supporters of her and Vox. That can be done by searching for those talking to @DLind and @MattYglesias or those tweeting Vox articles.
  3. Discredit New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal (@andyrNYT) to N.Y.Times supporters. See NYT editorial for some old starting points. Their recent editorials on immigration would be better choices: show those tweeting or posting those editorials to Facebook how the editorials are wrong.
  4. Do the same with another N.Y.Times editorial writer, Lawrence Downes (@LawrenceDownes). He might have written, for instance, "Mr. Obama, Go Big on Immigration".
  5. At the Los Angeles Times, @smartelle writes "What's the price tag for the border crisis? Try $3.7 billion". Look up those tweeting at him or tweeting that article, then point out to them what he's ignoring.
  6. At the Los Angeles Times, @davidhorsey writes "Murrieta protesters oversimplify a complex immigration crisis". Do the same with him: look up his supporters, then point out to them how Horsey is wrong.
  7. Media Matters for America offers "Fox Baselessly Stokes Fears That "Busloads" Of Immigrants Are Inundating Small Towns" and "Right-Wing Media's Xenophobic Rhetoric Echoed In #Murrieta Protests" among others. Show them wrong to their supporters, such as by leaving comments on those posts. One of the authors involved is @Miche11eLeung; show her wrong to her supporters. For instance, point out to MMFA supporters that their immigration stance helps the US Chamber of Commerce, WalMart, and Tyson Foods lower wages.
  8. In a study from the Center for American Progress, Tom K. Wong ("Assistant professor of political science at UC San Diego", @twong002) claims the reason for the border kids surge is more violence than Obama's immigration policies. Find someone from a thinktank such as the Heritage Foundation or the Center for Immigration Studies to show him wrong.
  9. At ThinkProgress, @jeisrael writes "ABC Host Schools Rick Perry On The Real Reasons For The Migrant Children Crisis". Show how it's wrong to his supporters and others who tweet Think Progress articles.
  10. Do the same with @estherindc of Think Progress, who wrote both "Why Kids Are Crossing The Desert Alone To Get To America" and an article downplaying the health concerns regarding the border kids surge.
  11. Discredit Lawrence ODonnell (@Lawrence) for tweeting pic.twitter dot com/TqcH3zAXdm. It shows a sign from the Murrieta protest: "You are on stolen Native American and Mexican land" and of it O'Donnell says "For some people in Murrieta right now this sign is breaking news". How you oppose that is up to you; it could be something like pointing out to his supporters that he's denying U.S. sovereignty or that he supports a race-based right to land a la Blut und Boden. If you do that and anyone disputes that, contact me and I'll show them wrong.
  12. Discredit Maryland governor Martin OMalley over this quote ( ): "We are not a country that should send children away and send them back to certain death... I believe that we should be guided by the greatest power we have as a people, and that is the power of our principles. Through all of our great world religions, we are told that hospitality to strangers is an essential human dignity." Point out he's engaging in false compassion, encouraging kids to cross the desert with some dying along the way. Point out that having endangered kids come to the U.S. isn't a solution, because there are too many of them and countries sending their kids to the U.S. as a solution will backfire: it will make conditions in those countries even worse.