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Lismore NSW
Mayors Mentor LGNSW. Labor Mayor Lismore NSW 2008-2016. Married. Interests - politics, social justice, volunteering, acting, running, books & Lismore!
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From @JennyRDowell
3 weeks til DarrelChapman 10km #funrun- 8km around Goonellabah this morning
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From @propinqua
@JennyRDowell Cracking run!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@propinqua: cracking run by @JennyRDowell, but on policy she helps the wealthy by increasing the # of workers. More workers = lower wages. She also supports increased # of crimes: don't look at the rate, look at the #. She knows pushing NeoLiberalism is good for her pocketbook.