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How to Make Murrieta Immigration Protests More Effective - 07/08/14

The problem with the Murrieta immigration protests is that the Federal government has already found a work around: they're simply sending the illegal aliens that were bound for Murrieta to other cities. At the same time, the United Nations is agitating to have the children crossing the border classified as refugees.

Help oppose illegal immigration and reduce unemployment by shaming and discrediting intermediaries - 09/22/11

This is a companion piece to the guide to reducing illegal immigration. That page explains the "how": nuts and bolts things you can do. This page provides the background information, the "why". If you want to reduce illegal and massive immigration, it's important to understand how to do things correctly (the first link), but also to understand why I make those suggestions (this page).

Amnesty/immigration "reform" talking points explained - 06/15/09

Here are some links to our discussions of the talking points used by amnesty/comprehensive immigration reform supporters. See each link for a summary of the talking point, a description of why it's wrong or misleading, and examples of it being used by those supporters. "Reform" supporters very rarely say anything new; one of our goals is to simply annotate news reports and editorials with links to the following discussions in order to save time:

Spot anything false or wrong here? - 05/23/09

Have you spotted anything on any page of this site that's false, that uses fallacious reasoning, that misrepresents another's arguments, or the like? If so, then please leave it as a comment on this post and we'll reply here. Please do not leave a comment on this post if you simply disagree with our take on an issue or the like. The comments here are only as stated above.

Obama's first 100 days: immigration, stimulus plan, Cabinet nominees, and more - 04/26/09

The past wondrous 100 days of the Barack Obama administration kicked off on a high note, as the benediction at his inauguration implied that all white people are racists and all non-whites are oppressed. That was just offensive; most of what's followed has serious to very serious long-term consequences.

How to stop amnesty and reduce illegal immigration - 01/10/09

Here are some smart ways to block an amnesty for illegal aliens and to help reduce illegal immigration. Voting and contacting your political representatives are key, but they only go so far. The methods described below use leverage, where a relatively small amount of effort can have a far greater impact.

How to ask politicians tough questions - 01/03/09

This guide briefly explains how to ask politicians and political leaders tough questions. These are the types of questions that politicians fear, the ones that will reveal the flaws in their policies and their lies. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is completely corrupt and refuses to ask really difficult questions. That means that the rest of us have to fill in the gap. After asking one of your questions, upload the response to video sharing sites and promote it.

2008: The Year in Politics - 12/31/08

Here's the roundup of virtually everything important that happened in 2008. The message this year, as in every year: "If only they'd listened to me". Some of the mistakes made by Obama opponents are described here. If, instead of making those mistakes his opponents had pushed this plan or my non-partisan list of reasons to oppose him, Obama might not be president. The word "idiot" is used below.

Illegal immigration: an introduction - 12/26/08

If you aren't familiar with illegal immigration, you need to be. It is one of the most important issues facing the U.S. today. Please take a few minutes to follow the links below to learn more. For over three years, one of the primary focuses of this site has been illegal immigration, and we've got hundreds of posts about the topic.