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She/her. Staunch liberal/progressive Democrat who no longer considers it my party vs. the other. It's good vs. evil.
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From @ChrisCuomo
As with all attacks by is clearly not presidential by comparison...but who cares? Not a rhetorical quest…
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From @austenphile11
@ChrisCuomo I care! The media has normalized his vile behavior from the get-go. They STILL can't say he lies. He tw…
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From @frankmonah
@ChrisCuomo This is less about what Trump does and more about what Republicans are failing to do They enable Trump…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@austenphile11: majority look at Trump - dimwitted, failed plans, but speaks his mind sans peur & offers to help them - then they look at those like @ChrisCuomo - even dimmer, sucks up to power, can't show anyone wrong, and despises most Americans. What'd you choose?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@frankmonah: have you ever seen @ChrisCuomo & Kellyanne? She runs rings around him, constantly pivoting & dragging him into fluff. It's like watching an orca play with a seal. Lawyers are trained to use Socratic questioning & Cuomo's in desperate need of CLE.