Center for American Progress corporate funders and immigration

The leftwing Center for American Progress has released a list of their corporate funders for 2013 [1]. Several of the funders have a financial interest in higher immigration and in comprehensive immigration reform.

Those corporations could be providing funding CAP for reasons other than immigration, and it's doubtful that, say, WalMart giving CAP money would cause them to be even worse on immigration than they are already. On the other hand, it would be difficult to imagine WalMart donating to an organization that opposed mass immigration and that would thereby result in higher labor costs for that corporation.

At [1], they claim that "[f]unding from corporations makes up less than 6 percent of funding for the Center for American Progress and less than 3 percent of funding for the Center for American Progress Action Fund." They promise to release a list of their other donors next year; as Powerline speculates, the bulk of their donations might have corporate ties, such as from corporate foundations. That remains to be seen. Note that CAP itself is the "think" tank, CAPAF is its activist arm that among other things runs ThinkProgress.

In addition to several lobbying groups [2] that might represent corporations with an interest in immigration, CAP's funders include these "known bads" (see each link for more):

Another on the list is the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas, part of the quasi-governmental Federal Home Loan Banks system. They may also have a financial interest in immigration.

See immigration banks for the financial interest that banks have in high legal and illegal immigration.

[1] americanprogress . org/about/our-supporters

[2] Lobbying groups that fund CAP include:

  • Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
  • The Albright Stonebridge Group
  • Dewey Square Group
  • Downey McGrath Group, Inc.
  • The Glover Park Group LLC
  • The Ickes and Enright Group
  • Livingston Group
  • McLarty Associates

[3] That ABA hasn't been discussed here before, but they signed the US Chamber of Commerce letter in support of immigration "reform":
immigration.uschamber . com/actions/sign-on-for-reform