WalMart has 103 products about Wicca?

What happened to the Five and Dime? Rootbeer floats and penny candy? Today's WalMart is not yesterday's Woolworth's! Now, you're just as likely to find books about... Wicca!

As this article points out [1], "Along with the Barbie dolls and Tonka Toys, 100 items for Wicca can be found at Wal-Mart."

Actually, when I went there and searched it said they had 103 items. Just 103? On the other hand, Amazon has over 3500 books about the subject:

11/30/13 UPDATE: [1] was raidersnewsupdate . com/lead-story245.htm but that page no longer exists.



Walmart doesn't really care WHAT they sell I don't think as long as it sells...wicca is a big seller these days.