WalMart: no more "undocumented" workers for us!

Our guiding light Insty links to the site for some reason or other. Doing a search, our crack team came upon this bit:
We have been such a successful retailer because we focus our efforts on running our stores. Like many companies, we entrust our suppliers and contractors to do the hiring - and that means hiring only documented workers.

Wal-Mart has literally thousands of service and product suppliers - and it just is not feasible for us to verify documents for every employee in every outside company.

...Wal-Mart did not profit in any way from the use of undocumented workers...

Since the raids, Wal-Mart has terminated all of its contracts with outside cleaning contractors. In addition to lowering costs, this move will give Wal-Mart greater control in verifying employees' documentation.
They're also sorry that some of those illegal aliens were allegedly abused while allegedly locked in their stores.


"running our stores"

That phrase covers a lot of ground, doesn't it?