Nanci Pelosi, supporter of sweatshops, opponent of citizens and laws

Nanci Pelosi (D-San Francisco) is upset by the recent raids on illegal immigrants at Wal*Mart:
"We think there might be a better way to go about this because the fact is that it is against the law for the employer to hire these people so there should be more focus on the employer and less in these terrorizing raids," Pelosi said.
Let's leave aside the fact that Nanci - an elected U.S. representative - was speaking in a foreign land (Mexico) and accusing her own government of terrorizing people. No, that's to be expected.

Instead, let's concentrate on Nanci's solution. Is she really serious about enforcing our laws against employing illegal aliens? If so, one wonders how the government could build a case against a company without first showing that they had illegal aliens working for them.

In fact, it turns out she's in favor of enforcing our immigration laws by giving not just a limited amnesty, but one covering millions of illegals:
Pelosi said the Wal-Mart raids showed the need to legalize undocumented workers in parts of the economy other than just the agricultural sector.
So, according to Nanci, we should find a way to enforce our laws by changing the laws so they don't have to be enforced. Call it San Francisco logic.

Nanci appears to have friends in the news media as well.

The Christian Science Monitor's report on the raids is also biased towards non-enforcement, and it includes this rather shocking statistic: "In 1990, 14,311 employers were fined for hiring illegal immigrants. That number dropped to 7,115 by 1998 and 178 by 2000..."

This article, while having nothing to do with Nanci, hints at the root of the problem: "Because too many elected officials and other movers and shakers are in bed with agribusiness, legislation benefiting farm workers remains illusory."

And, here's a ground-level report Nanci might want to pay attention to:
"I don't like it. I don't like it at all," frequent Walmart shopper and Gatlinburg resident Tina Styles said. She argues that bringing in foreign workers could be cheaper, but the practice cheats locals.

"Well, I think there's a lot of people here in Sevier County that need jobs," she explained. "And I don't know why they have to bring other people in to do those jobs."

Shopper Scott Humeniuk is Canadian. The former hockey player and his wife are here on a student visa.. Humeniuk says there are proper channels to go through to work in the U.S.

"It's a headache because of the fighting and stuff with the government and paperwork," he explains, "but i mean hey, that's it. There's no two ways about it."
On the other end of the scale, the NYT gives a bleeding heart account of the plight of one of those arrested:
Now Mr. Zavala feels cheated, saying he worked as hard as he could pursuing the American dream, only to face an immigration hearing that could lead to deportation for himself, his wife, Eunice, and their three children, 10, 7 and 5 years old... "My family's not happy about this," said Mr. Zavala, who said he paid a "coyote" $2,000 to smuggle him into the United States three years ago.
I guess his first tip-off should have been the part about paying someone to smuggle him into the U.S. Perhaps he could sue the coyote?

And, last but not least, bear in mind that some of these people were paid as little as $2 per day. Look at what Nanci supports.

UPDATE: FAIR says much the same thing, albeit in a much nicer fashion:
"It appears that what the Congresswoman really wants is no enforcement at all... Anything that equates, or even gives the appearance of equating, the law enforcement policies with this country with the actions of international criminals is both wrong and damaging to our ability to confront real terrorist... The idea that the House Minority Leader would publicly criticize federal immigration enforcement authorities for doing precisely what is in their job descriptions and what Congress has authorized them to do only emboldens those who violate our immigration laws...


i agree that its not right to raid workers who are desperately trying to make a living here...the laws should be changed to allow them one likes to work in wallmart ok? have any of you ever worked in retail? Its miserable. They arent stealing anything that americans want. They are just doing the most crappy work for low pay....republicans would prefer immigrants keep cleaning thier office floores and toilets for less than minimum wage....democrats would like to let them in and have fair pay so they can work thier way out of the crappy jobs....why should we "raid" desperate people working a miserable job to try and feed their children??? People who call democrats "obnoxtious or looney" should really think hard about how name calling might not be a rational form of communication. Democrats have raised minimum wage ...have republicans done that? I also think its interesting that this bashing site is the first sight found when googling "nancy pelosi"....does that mean that a republican bought the most expencive spotlight to bash her unjustly? maybe shes just a bad person for wanting to help immigrants have a fair chance. I like how this twisted her words around though...good job guys. Beautifully manipulative.

Nanci is only slightly more idiotic than Teddy Kennedy. So bent on the booting conservatives from any place of power, that they will gladly destroy everything that America once stood for. Even if it means handing our enemies the keys to our front doors. They live in a bubble, sure all the happy, nice, children talk is all fine and pleasing, but it has NO use in the real world where people would sooner have your head on a platter than sit down and talk out your differences.
The American Democrats have lost the meaning of the word "law". If you make everything legal, the amount of crime will drop...erasing the term "illigal immigrant" only adds to one of many loony ideas for reducing the crime in this country.

Right on. L. Park: The Demo's are hell-bent on destroying our nation from within. Remember the comments made by the communists in the 60's or 70's when they said that they would not attack America, they would be content to let her destroy herself from within? Well, welcome to the prophecy!!!!!!

nanci pelosi sounds 100 percent AOK as our
next President of the United States...#44,,to
take office as soon as the Bush Klan are
impeached. By rights the American people should not have to wait for a Democratic Party
majority in the House and Senate. It should happen
now, but I guess the current crew wants to go back
to civilian life...they will not be re-elected
in November 2006!

Nanci Pelosi and her Democratic party of"no", are merely obstructionists blinded by their loss's and hatred for George W. Bush.
The party has become the most shameful element of modern politics, willing to sacrifice the well-being of our nation in literally every way, regardless of truth, or of consequence.
Offering only criticsm, with absolutely not a single solution to anything, is not the way a two-party system works, it only renders one party irrelevant.
The Dems have been digging for the bottom, and proving they are getting close..when they arrive, they will observe what whales do.
Pelosi and her obnoxious Democratic friends remind me of the tree frog on my window..misguided, confused, and...irrelevant.
Congratulations to the Democratic party's new initials..P.O.G., for the party-of-goons.

mighty lonely over here, huh ?