Wal-Mart, illegal aliens, and a wink and a nod

Earlier I pointed out that the $10 million fine to WalMart for employing illegal aliens represented about 15 minutes of their revenue (Wal*Mart's 15 minutes of pain).

Now, comes this news [1]:

FAIR has learned from the Department of Homeland Security that the agency's recent settlement of charges for employing illegal aliens - that included an $11 million penalty - didn't apply any real pressure on mega-retailer Wal-Mart to mend its ways. One of the most useful arrows in the DHS quiver is a requirement that an offending employer sign up for the Basic Pilot verification system for all future hiring. FAIR learned that the enforcement folk at DHS did not levy this requirement on Wal-Mart...

[1] steinreport . com/archives/008113.html