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Mike Pence lied about Donald Trump's "Mexicans" comment - 10/04/16

At tonight's VP debate, Donald Trump's VP Mike Pence lied about Trump's "Mexican" comments that kicked off his campaign. Trump kicked off his campaign by saying among other things "and some, I assume, are good people". That implies that the rest aren't. Since "some" is the opposite of "most", Trump was saying that most Mexican illegal aliens aren't "good people".

Donald Trump chooses pro-amnesty Mike Pence as VP - 07/14/16

Donald Trump has selected governor Mike Pence of Indiana as his vice presidential running mate. Pence is an insider and considered serious by the GOP establishment. So, this might help Trump get more establishment support and funding. However, Trump won't be able to present himself as the outsider candidate with such an insider on the ticket.

Amnesty author Mike Pence for president? Dick Armey, Club for Growth, others hype him (UPDATE: he's out) - 01/21/11

Back in 2006, Indiana Congressman Mike Pence proposed his own "compromise" amnesty plan. He may have gotten the idea for that plan from a proposal by billionaire heiress Helen Krieble, and also in 2006, Krieble, Pence, and Dick Armey of Freedomworks appeared at an event to promote comprehensive immigration reform. The latest bad idea from their general camp is to try to draft Pence to run for president. Those backing the idea include Armey, Chris Chocola of the Club for Growth (known around here as the "Club for Profits at Any Price"), former Rep. Jim Ryun, and Brent Bozell. Per Armey: “What...

Koch family, U.S. Chamber, businesses met to plan strategy (+Glenn Beck, tea parties, "mobilize citizens for November") - 10/20/10

Twice each year, the Koch family conducts strategy meetings with corporate and thought leaders to plan how to advance their "free market" ideology. ThinkProgress has the guest list and program for their June 2010 meeting (in Aspen), and, while immigration isn't mentioned, many of the known attendees are on the wrong side. I don't normally recommend anything at ThinkProgress, but in this case I'll suggest taking a look at their post and downloading the PDF. The New York Times has a related report here; from that: The participants in Aspen dined under the stars at the top of the gondola run on...

9/12: Tea Party march on Washington DC live coverage (Glenn Beck, Freedomworks) - 09/12/09

Later today, one or two million (maybe less) extreme fiscal conservatives will be marching on Washington DC demanding that the government listens to them and their Randroid concerns. And, we'll be there - virtually speaking - offering coverage of this momentous event featuring millions of people throughout the day. Literally thousands of busloads of true patriots - as opposed to the other, non-patriotic Americans - will be bussed in (at their own expense) by FreedomWorks (run by the corporate lobbyist Dick Armey). Hopefully many will be wearing period costumes and playing fifes, since we know...

"National Council for a New America": new GOP, same old amnesty? (Jeb, McCain, Romney) - 04/29/09

On Thursday, a group of putatively moderate Republicans will announce a new effort called "National Council for a New America". While they claim that they're non-partisan, it's clearly a GOP effort. And, the list of those involved that CNN has obtained (link) includes several supporters of comprehensive immigration reform.

White House's "tough cop" amnesty scheme (the "infinitely renewable Z visa") - 03/28/07

Apparently the private talks the White House has been having with various Senators regarding yet another illegal alien amnesty scheme have reached the point where they're starting to leak the plan in order to get feedback. It appears to be the "tough cop" version of the Flake-Gutierrez massive giveaway; the goal is presumably to get a compromise that most Democrats and many Republicans could support. Most Americans would not support any kind of amnesty if they were aware of the massive legal and continued illegal immigration that would result. Since they apparently want feedback, I suggest...

Adam Nagourney doesn't confront GOP candidates on immigration politics - 03/19/07

Adam Nagourney of the New York Times (with assistance from Rachel Swarns) offers "G.O.P. Candidates Confront Immigration Politics". Despite being two screens long, we're only told that GOP candidates are facing the ire of Iowa voters regarding immigration matters, but we aren't given much in the way of specifics. And, Nagourney doesn't attempt to ask Senator John McCain or others any tough questions that would reveal the flaws in their positions. About the only slight news in the piece is that McCain is backing away from Kennedy-McCain, and instead is moving towards a scheme similar to that...

Michael Chertoff admits he isn't doing his job (guest worker program) - 11/13/06

DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff spoke to the editorial board of the Dallas Morning News, and admitted that he isn't doing his job: "We are going to go after systematic, willful violators with heavy criminal cases, where people face real jail time, losing businesses, paying millions and millions of dollars in fines. Because that is the only way you will start to change the behavior that has driven a lot of this activity in.

Dick Armey, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Mike Pence, and Helen Krieble do lunch - 09/26/06

From their press release: FreedomWorks Foundation sponsored a luncheon for Capitol Hill staffers to discuss immigration reform that will balance both security and economic concerns. In particular, the forum will examine options for strengthening our borders while establishing procedures that provide law-abiding workers a legitimate path to the American workplace. FreedomWorks chairman and former House Majority Leader Dick Armey was joined by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN, 6), and Helen Krieble, President of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation. It was her...

Mike Pence "compromise" amnesty pimped by Chertoff, White House - 08/24/06

As predicted, earlier today DHS chief Michael Chertoff joined with Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) to pimp the latter's massive illegal alien amnesty and "guest" worker scheme. You know, the scheme that would allow unlimited immigrants and the one that's supported by the WaPo.

Catch-and-release "stopped"; White House to pimp Pence massive illegal alien amnesty - 08/24/06

Yesterday DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff claimed that nearly all non-Mexican illegal aliens were being returned to their home countries and that "catch-and-release" had been stopped. Under C&R non-Mexicans who were caught were given notices to appear and released into the U.S.

Pence massive amnesty bad enough to get WaPo support - 08/14/06

If the news that Mike Pence's massive illegal alien amnesty would allow unlimited immigration wasn't enough of a clue to how bad it is, and if this article didn't do the trick, now comes the WaPo to let us know just how bad it is.

"A Compromised Plan" (Mike Pence massive illegal alien amnesty) - 08/06/06

From National Review [1]: Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, both Republicans, are making a last-ditch effort to bridge their party's divide on immigration and pass a bill this year. We agree that the country, and the Republican party, would benefit if a sensible immigration plan were passed soon. The Pence-Hutchison plan isn't one.

Tamar Jacoby's "Immigration Realism" - 08/02/06

America's favorite amnestibot, Tamar Jacoby, has joined with Cesar V. Conda to pen "Immigration Realism". It's their reply to John Fonte's reply to the WSJ's reply to the original National Review open letter demanding enforcement first. And, as you might assume, Jacoby is wrong. Here's just one way: None of those who signed our letter believe that immigrants have a "human right" to come to work in the U.S., as Fonte claims. From the way that's worded, you might think that Fonte claimed that the WSJ letter that they signed said that. In fact, he was refering to a WSJ editorial in the same...

Mike Pence amnesty "would allow unlimited immigrants" - 07/26/06

From this: The latest proposal in Congress for a "guest"-worker program would allow unlimited immigration of eligible workers during the first three years and allow them and their families to remain here indefinitely. Offered by two Republicans [Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison], the plan is criticized by proponents of stricter immigration laws.

John Fund's Borderline Insanity - 07/24/06

WSJ columnist John Fund offers a heaping load of open borders propaganda in a column appropriately named "Borderline Insanity". The upside to his screed is that many people will realize it for what it is, and that will further reduce his and the WSJ's credibility. He sets out to show that "enforcement-only" won't work, a frequent theme from those who support massive immigration. Of course, he only mentions employer sanctions once, and that's in a quote from an unnamed BP agent.

Cannon win gives anti-American forces hope - 06/29/06

WASHINGTON - With President Bush's immigration policy surviving fierce criticism in a Utah congressional race, lawmakers on both sides of the debate turned their attention Wednesday to finding a compromise on immigration legislation. Those who oppose Bush's call for immigration reform a

More on Mike Pence's "W" worker visa illegal alien amnesty scheme - 05/25/06

There's more on Rep. Mike Pence's "middle ground" "guest" worker scheme here. Under that scheme private companies would administer the program, vet applicants, and so forth. The things Pence forgot to deal with include: * our "guests" would have U.S. citizen children, meaning they would never leave... * the entire temp agency industry only employs 4 million people now.

Mike Pence's "W" worker visa illegal alien amnesty scheme - 05/23/06

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) has introduced a "middle-ground" illegal alien amnesty scheme. It seeks to split the difference between the full-on amnesty in the Senate and the supposed only other choice of mass deportations. (As usual, the other choice of simply enforcing our current laws is not mentioned). As Rep. Tom Tancredo says: Pence's plan would require illegal aliens to return to their home countries to apply for a new 'W' worker visa.