John Fund's Borderline Insanity

WSJ columnist John Fund offers a heaping load of open borders propaganda in a column appropriately named "Borderline Insanity". The upside to his screed is that many people will realize it for what it is, and that will further reduce his and the WSJ's credibility.

He sets out to show that "enforcement-only" won't work, a frequent theme from those who support massive immigration. Of course, he only mentions employer sanctions once, and that's in a quote from an unnamed BP agent. In a way he's right: simply enforcing the border won't work. We need to enforce immigration laws at the workplace. However, his column is misleading by almost completely focusing on the border instead of, for instance, looking into why workplace enforcement has dropped sharply and whether that has anything to do with massive illegal immigration.

And, he compares the "failure" to stop drug smuggling with the "failure" to stop immigrant smuggling. The huge differences between the two are described here.

As for his talking points:

Right now, with Border Patrol agents trying to apprehend potential busboys and gardeners along with terrorists and gang members, the problem is too big for any law enforcement agency in a democratic society to tackle.

This is dramatically similar to drivel from an earlier WSJ editorial, David Brooks, and Tamar Jacoby. With all the money available to promoters of massive immigration, you'd think they could hire someone to come up with new lines.


Border Patrol agents I spoke with were reluctant to be quoted on the record, but all agreed that a comprehensive solution that combines more and better border enforcement with a well-designed guest-worker program is necessary if real progress is going to be made. "We need to enforce employer sanctions at the same time we give employers a legal path to fill the jobs they must have workers for," one agent told me. A retired agent points to the Bracero ("strong arms" in Spanish) guest-worker visa program, which until 1964 brought millions of Mexican workers north to work in the agriculture, construction and service industries.

I'm going to guess that he spoke with BP supervisors who are willing to spout the Bush line, nothing more. After rephrasing the busboys line, he starts whistling:

Support is building for a rational middle ground on immigration proposed by Rep. Mike Pence, chairman of the House Republican Study Committee.

Support for that is building in the same sense that support is building for "comprehensive" "reform": only within the ranks of the out of touch, pro-open borders elites.


Its time to jail any employer who hires an Illegal. If there are no jobs, they won't come
and the millions here allready, will not stay.


this evil is right in line with the north american union, see keep tx moving, the deal is made.

I, too, thought Borderline Insanity was a pretty clever title, until I Googled it and found it had been used for a number of other writings.

"He sets out to show that "enforcement-only" won't work, a frequent theme from those who support massive immigration. "

This is like saying that "enforcement only" against rape, robbery, and murder doesn't work because we haven't - and probably can't - completely wipe out rape, robbery, and murder. There is, indeed, more of it around than we'd like; but, by God, a lot less than there'd be without strictly enforced laws against such crimes with real punishment for infractions. We haven't actually tried strict enforcement against illegal immigration in a loooooong time. And as we notice, none of these "strict-enforcement-won't-work" types are arguing that what we need is to legalize rape, robbery, and murder or at least hold an amnesty for past misdeeds.

what this means is our so called democrattic society in going to die its really dead.

soon the voting will start once more and be back in office after that you will see 30 million more third world people here, within 10 year americans will be illegals and people like john fund will not have a home or a country.
sadly we the people can only stop the coming hell by guns and that will never happen.

the reason why the system is smuggling into this non nation millions and millions of people and tons of drugs is to help in the coming take down of your country. it really is over so have fun in the last days of freedom the future is death.

Once again, another media elitist moron like John Fund starts talking about a subject that he is completely clueless about. It never ceases to amaze me how truly insane the open borders lobby, MSM,etc. are. Funny thing is many people I talk to day-to-day are absent-minded on illegal immigration. They get most of their "news" from the MSM, which is always a bad sign. When I tell them what is going on, they are as dumbfounded as ever. Of course, the WSJ and John Fund are about as bad as anyone.