9/12: Tea Party march on Washington DC live coverage (Glenn Beck, Freedomworks)

Later today, one or two million (maybe less) extreme fiscal conservatives will be marching on Washington DC demanding that the government listens to them and their Randroid concerns. And, we'll be there - virtually speaking - offering coverage of this momentous event featuring millions of people throughout the day. Literally thousands of busloads of true patriots - as opposed to the other, non-patriotic Americans - will be bussed in (at their own expense) by FreedomWorks (run by the corporate lobbyist Dick Armey). Hopefully many will be wearing period costumes and playing fifes, since we know that playing dress-up games is in their DNA.

Will there be a blimp? Wait and see!

To prepare yourself for the Ron Pa Patriotic March By The Only True Patriots In The United States, watch this video of corporate lobbyist Dick Armey supporting illegal immigration, see our coverage of Citizen Journalist Glenn Reynolds, and make sure and see our extensive tea parties coverage. Also, ask yourself why your leaders encouraged you to go to townhall meetings unarmed (intellectually speaking). They just wanted you to act out in public and throw a tantrum; they didn't encourage you to ask questions like these despite how really pressing a politician on that could have quashed Obamacare.

UPDATE: OK, maybe the estimates were a bit high. You can see a traffic cam here and here. CNN has a live feed of the speakers at cnn.com/live, and a live feed looking at the crowd is here. For your dress-up games entertainment, see this.

UPDATE 2: This official page has a list of speakers: 912dc.org/agenda. They include at least three people from FreedomWorks (supports massive immigration), at least one from the Cato Institute (ditto), and Rep. Mike Pence (ditto). The "star" power is provided by a Baldwin brother: Stephen (apparently Mickey Dolenz wasn't available). And, from the libertarian side of things, they've got speakers from Ron Paul's "Campaign for Liberty", the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, and the Free State Project. They've also got speakers from two race-based groups: Mario Lopez of the Hispanic Leadership Fund and Hector Barreto of the Latino Coalition. The latter was a signatory to an infamous letter demanding amnesty for illegal aliens. That and all the rest illustrates the stupidity of these people: they're supporting race-based power and massive immigration and think that by doing that they're going to lower their taxes.

UPDATE 3: The Latino Coalition also signed an anti-HR4437 petition. See the long, long list of far-left groups who also signed that here.

UPDATE 4: Glenn Beck is now ranting about corruption and encouraging his audience to think of the country first instead of thinking of themselves as Democrats and Republicans. The latter I strongly support. Unfortunately, what he appears to want to fill the partisan gap is some pretty extreme libertarian concepts; see the first link in this post and note the speakers from libertarian groups. And, regarding corruption, who exactly does Glenn Beck think he's palling around with? Many of his fellow "patriots", as discussed above, support massive immigration and do so because they're paid off or because they want race-based power.

UPDATE 5: If you aren't sick of this already, Pajamas Media has pictures at pajamasmedia.com/vodkapundit/2009/09/12/they-will-be-heard. Meanwhile, from the George Soros-funded side of things, there are pictures here and here.

UPDATE 6: In a few days, Glenn Beck will be the dinner speaker at a Michigan Chamber of Commerce gathering: michamber.com/mx/futureforum. The opening speaker will be Tom Donohue of the US Chamber of Commerce. The latter group is such a strong supporter of amnesty and massive immigration of any kind that back in 2006, Rep. James Sensenbrenner suggested that they should register as a Registered Foreign Agent. If Beck wants to oppose corruption, the US CofC would be a great place to start.

UPDATE 7: In June, Mario Lopez - one of the speakers at today's event mentioned in the second update above - helped Helen Krieble kick off her "Red Card" massive "guest" worker scheme.

UPDATE 8: The page alan.com/2009/09/12/the-gop-corporate-push-behind-the-912-teabaggers reminds us that, in addition to several others who appear to have a "dog in the hunt" as they say, the "Bronze Co-Sponsors" of FreedomWorks' 912dc.com include the Club for Growth (doesn't care about or supports massive immigration), Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform (whoa nelly: see this and this), and at least two groups linked to the Koch family (the "Kochtopus"): Heartland Institute and Competitive Enterprise Institute. If you oppose corruption and support our immigration laws, few of the people and groups listed anywhere in this post are your friends.

UPDATE 9 (9/13/09): The video here shows a group supposedly from ACORN being ejected from the DC rally. They were selling "Don't tread on me flags" and if the description is accurate, they were told to leave by the police. They didn't and someone from the rally followed them and encouraged them to leave, with someone from the supposed ACORN group swiping the tea partier with a flag and pushing his wife. Obviously, they shouldn't have done that, but it would also be interesting to know whether there are rules against vending or what was the original reason they were asked to leave (if they were asked to leave).

And, the tea partiers have a message for the millions of Americans who are unemployed: FU. Glenn Reynolds approvingly links (pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/85089) to chicagoboyz.net/archives/9188.html which is happy to point out that - unlike millions of those with whom they supposedly share citizenship - the tea partiers are employed:

Getting hundreds of thousands of kids, the professionally unemployed and government workers to show up isn’t that hard (especially if someone buys the bus tickets). Getting two million middle-class, middle-aged people with jobs, careers, children and businesses is way, way more impressive.

When it comes right down to it, the great majority of tea partiers seem to have little or no concern for their (fellow?) American citizens: they only care about themselves. If anyone disagrees, provide some evidence of tea partiers making proposals that acknowledge there are people other than themselves living here. Even easier: find a non-Southern California tea partier who gives a whoop that what Dick Armey and the rest want would make Southern California's situation even worse. Coming up with "comprehensive" solutions isn't something they're interested in, with the "going Galt" types thinking it's the height of patriotism to turn their backs on the U.S. and run away.

UPDATE 10: ABC News calls out FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe by name (link) for falsely saying on stage at the rally that ABC News was reporting that 1 million to 1.5 million people were in attendance. I don't think even FreedomWorks would do something like that intentionally, and I don't think that ABC would have called a Dem-friendly organizer out by name, but that's now a bit of a story instead of the flowering of Randrian principles that the organizers would have wanted.

UPDATE 11: In reply to the ninth update, in comments Ann says:

This seems to be based on a simple assumption: if you care about other people, you must therefore believe that more government involvement is the best way to help... Most of the tea partiers do not believe in that premise, and would point to a lot of disasterous government programs to back up their point.

Let me put it this way. The Dem solution to U.S. problems would be massive government programs that would - just as a coincidence - give more power to the Dems. The GOP solution would be slightly smaller programs that would - just as a coincidence - give contracts to their contributors. The solution offered by the tea party followers - those who aren't in on the game - is some combination of "what, me worry?", "I've got mine, Jack", and "get bent".

We've got two wars going on, millions of Americans are out of work, millions of foreign citizens are squatting here contrary to our laws taking jobs that Americans could be doing, and the tea partiers are consorting with those who support amnesty and massive guest worker programs and - ultimately - whining about completely self-centered financial matters.


Glenn is great but it will mean nothing to the political pigs in power. some will call for understanding of the poor people in the march others will call that political pigs real country and ask for hit guys to be sent. keep up the good work.

Hey Lonewacko why don't you run for Prez? You are the One! No One, but no one is as smart as you!!!!

Yes, your snarky smartiness is off putting. Many people went to townhalls well prepared with good refined questions and some didn't; they asked questions from their gut. Big deal. That's life. So many people today try to be know it alls, smarter than thou egos. Don't fall into the trap. By the way, I like Glenn Beck, his non-refined melodrama, bombast, sort of captures a lot of the helplessness feelings people have. I think people see in him what they want to see. I see Beck as a guy that is just stunned at how stupid the present trajectory is and how weird it is that no one seems to be that upset with the deep corruption that has metastasized in the body politic -- and that Obama, instead of working to cure it, is actually breeding it big time.

LW, the Russian revolution wasn't accomplished by calm citizens trying to make intellectual arguments with Csar Nickolas. The Democrats have rejected rational argument for policies that manifestly won't work, all for the new social justice to be paid for by a massive transfer of wealth between Americans. What you and I see as reasonable doesn't seem so to Democrats, so bombarding politicians with hard facts doesn't work. The sheer numbers of Tea Party people in Washington is a better wake-up call and more effective than your approach, although it may be offensive to people who prefer intellectual discourse.

Can see by the post on all this BS That we need a civil and race war to help us into the next world. only joking! The Fact is we can't stop anything from coming down on us and doing us a number one in our faces. the fact is the political hispanic leadership leadership are total racists and hate the USA And its freedoms is somewhat over looked by most whites and it is part of the hate race ideals of the mexican and black and yellow people and the third world rulers. it is now time see with; (crying how bright their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay, rage rage against the dying of the light) but that will never happen way to many people are totally dicks and with the dying of the light will come mexico city in fact we have a mexico city in the former place called washington. when people march with the ideals of total freedom and the real weapons of real truth it will become a country once more in blood and life and freedom for all who can see what freedom means. Buy Guns

Let me know when the tea partiers start demanding an end to ag subsidies.

"When it comes right down to it, the great majority of tea partiers seem to have little or no concern for their (fellow?) American citizens: they only care about themselves. If anyone disagrees, provide some evidence of tea partiers making proposals that acknowledge there are people other than themselves living here." This seems to be based on a simple assumption: if you care about other people, you must therefore believe that more government involvement is the best way to help. Most of the tea partiers do not believe in that premise, and would point to a lot of disasterous government programs to back up their point.

Well they had cameras up and running the crowd as they went up Penn ave. However the park cameras had been turned off. The sizeand scope ofthe massive flood of protesters attending a teaparty was only like guessing jelly beans in a glass jar. One can only gues why these cameras went black like they did for the protest. Who ever oedered it had power to get them turned off the day after remebering 9/11/2001. What did they really hide? Maybe a million or more screaming mad American citizens demanding back there nation? One may never know.

Ann...you are so very wrong-These people believe that the principles of this country's founding is the best way to help everyone. Many said they were there for their children and grandchildren and for them to inherit the same country they lived in. Now who was it that said "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, Teach him to fish and he eats for the rest of his life!" You probably still won't get it ....(sigh) Stand in line for your handout honey......I think you'll be suprised that it ain't coming!

Mary Is right but millions and millions of Ann's are here and only want a handed out from this third world government not undestanding that it will disappear when Americans can't pay out and disappear into the third world race population.

I think that you are reading Ann's comments incorrectly. I attended the march and have been active in pressuring my Representatives for many years to try and get the federal government to cut spending, secure our borders and eliminate unconstitutional programs and agencies. I have come to the conclusion that there are no two people that have the exact same beliefs, ideals and dreams. If there are people willing to stand with me on one of these issues, such as spending, I welcome it and do not hold their other beliefs and ideals against them that don't fit into mine. I am more than willing to address one issue at a time if that means that I can get some help. On that note I would be more than happy to stand with you with the same effort and conviction to battle the problem of illegal immigration in this country. This is the land of laws and violators of immigration laws should be arrested, deported and forbidden from becoming a legal citizen in the future. It is not fair to legal immigrants and it exposes our lack of border control. The Constitution is the supreme law in this country and I wish it to be obeyed as well but to suggest that I don't care about my fellow Americans is preposterous. The federal government has no authority to take from one person and give it to another. It is my duty as well as my neighbors duty to take care of our community in the best way that we see fit through contributions and service, only we can't do that because the funds that we would use to do so are being stolen from us and contributed on our behalf to corrupt agencies and corporations. Example: It should not take $14,000 to teach each student when a teacher in a 25 student class only earns $37,000 or less per year. Even if it should, forced generosity makes people bitter and is theft no matter how you look at it and theft is against the law. If someone is without children or wants to teach their own children and wishes to opt out of supporting your child's education, that is their prerogative. What you would find though is that without government intervention this would not be the norm and we would all become closer as we strive to reach a common goal. This used to be the most generous country in the world. That hasn't changed but the amount of time and funds that are available to us has. Without these enormous taxes people could do well with one breadwinner instead of two or more per household. I could get by with one job instead of two. The government is not the solution to our problems. It is the problem.

Was there a fireworks show afterward?

Dave, I think you see things the same. I don't see the disconnect you alluded to? But as Fred said eventually the money coming in will dry up. Third World country here we come. As for generosity-no country of people is as generous as Americans. The outpouring after 911 and the Tsunami proved that--and yet we learned that much of those funds were stolen and distributed to Fat Cats sucking off the very system created to distribute the funds..(Like The Red Cross!) The government in forcing us to "give" is creating a much bigger problem and never mind what I think is Obama and his cronies purposeful destruction of our economy. I agree with Rush-This is planned destruction. Anyway , bottom line despite differences is to follow the Constitution which our representatives endlessly ignore . The corruption in Washington is so deep I wonder if we can clean it up.

Eh, No no fireworks-But interesting photos at Sweetness and Light Blog of the aftermath of the Inauguration crowd and the "so called unruly Mobs of protestors after the Saturday March....It illustrates a difference between those who clean up after themselves-and those who think "let someone else do it for us"...... http://sweetness-light.com/archive/120-versus-912-compare-contrast

dave you must be a fool or just stupit or maybe a third world person from some other place, the so called laws you write about are a joke, in fact check your facts about ICE It has no money to deport any person and the problem is people still don't get what is happening with our non country in fact we now live in a total despotic state that will become a cruel murder state, its coming to you with love from the third worlds people. and yes dave we can for now still write and say in some way as we want, for now, but go talk like this in public and see what happens?