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Chris Carfizzi
New York, NY
Actor/Writer/Producer/Nerd 📺 Rudy on @Sho_Billions , Jason on @Daredevil My last name is pronounced: 🚗👣Z He/Him/His
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From @mateagold
BREAKING via @partlowj @Fahrenthold: Purge of undocumented workers by the president’s company spreads to at least 5…
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From @TheCandaceSmith
@mateagold @yashar @partlowj @Fahrenthold Because they just found out right?!
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From @ChrisCarfizzi
@mateagold @yashar @partlowj @Fahrenthold Maybe he should build walls around his golf courses if this is such an emergency.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TheCandaceSmith: there are more illegal aliens picking crops in one Central Valley acre than Trump has ever employed. So, why's @mateagold going after Trump? Not to curb illegal immigration but to further it. She's *helping* Big Biz lower wages and exploit workers.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ChrisCarfizzi: various blogs have accused those who are (or pretend to be) tough against illegal immigration of hiring illegal aliens. Yet, they never go after companies that employ & exploit many more illegal aliens. Can you figure out what @mateagold wants her blog to do?