Mike Pence's "W" worker visa illegal alien amnesty scheme

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) has introduced a "middle-ground" illegal alien amnesty scheme. It seeks to split the difference between the full-on amnesty in the Senate and the supposed only other choice of mass deportations. (As usual, the other choice of simply enforcing our current laws is not mentioned).

As Rep. Tom Tancredo says:
Pence's plan would require illegal aliens to return to their home countries to apply for a new 'W' worker visa. Employers could hire as many foreign workers as they want under the W visa, and, in practice, they would likely hire the same workers who they employed illegally before. Pence wants to start the new foreign worker program before border security is even proved effective, which is the same strategy that was used in the 1986 amnesty. Twenty years later, the U.S. got amnesty as promised but no border security.

"Pence's W visa is aptly named. It gives the Administration exactly what it wants: unlimited foreign workers first, enforcement later or never," said Tancredo. "Pence's plan is just the 1986 amnesty with a trip home tacked on."
The name isn't a joke, it's intentional. And, he first disclosed his scheme in an exclusive offering to Time Magazine:
Pence's measure would create private worker placement agencies called Ellis Island Centers, licensed by the federal government to match approved guest workers with jobs that cannot be filled by Americans — a variation on an idea offered by Bush back in January 2004. "U.S. employers will engage the private agencies and request guest workers," Pence says. "In a matter of days, the private agencies will match guest workers with jobs, perform a health screening, fingerprint them and provide the appropriate information to the FBI and Homeland Security so that a background check can be performed, and provide the guest worker with a visa granted by the State Department."
You can read the details here:


This is basically the same idea I discussed in Denver Post, Bill Owens immigration proposal will make you laugh out loud. It was ultimately devised by one Helen Krieble, president of the Colorado-based Vernon K. Krieble Foundation.

One rather far-fetched option to prevent something like this from passing is described here. Basically, if Dennis Hastert tries to push this the pro-American House members would fire him as Speaker and bring in someone who'd represent American interests instead.


all you need to know is that this non government and its rats hate laws but love to keep "you" in line, so whats next? if you can't see that you are a total fool.

by the way you have no middle-ground with amnesty "and the rats want one thing", "your life" ,"your home and your country under".
and in the end game the rule of the North American Union, its really all about the death of the USA And its people.

citizenship is nothing but a joke and the rulers want it that way so it can be used against you someday, and that day is here and now. with the coming power of 300 million third world people inside 5 to 10 years the rats will have the power to put you down for good( kill off ), so if you stand and do nothing the rats( read liers and government rulers ) have time to setup the real end game of mass murder.