juan jose gutierrez

Juan Jose Gutierrez

President of Latino Movement USA. Current or former executive director of One Stop Immigration (as of 1996[1] and 1999 [2]; the latter has more on a NLRB case they lost)

Linked to ANSWER.

Latinos Threaten to Take to the Streets

[[October 28, 2007]] video shows him at an ANSWER rally explaining why his organization is joining forces with the anti-Iraq war movement: because the same "criminals" who are "ordering massacres of innocent civilians" are the same ones conducting immigration raids, and because the anti-war movement attracts the most progressive people. He thanks ANSWER and supports "full rights for the undocumented."

On their [[October 26, 2006]] broadcast, NBC News featured him as a spokesman for the Hispanic community in a news segment. [3]

Video of Gutierrez disrespecting the U.S. flag and National Anthem then saluting Mexico here. Pictures here.

Mexican immigrant who sought U.S. sanctuary deported (compares illegal aliens to slaves)

Socialism Conference to take place in Los Angeles

special PSL public forum on immigrant rights

In October 1994 organized a rally against Proposition 187 featuring Fabian Nunez [4]

More: [5] and [6]

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March 25 Coalition Statement - 10/30/07

From the March 25 Coalition PDF dated [[April 4, 2006]] The massive March 25 demonstration in Los Angeles of well over one million undocumented workers, legal residents and their supporters-along with protests and walkouts throughout the United States-is irrefutable evidence that a new Civil Rights and workers' rights movement is on the rise.

Special PSL public forum on immigrant rights - 09/21/07

link picture of flyer Promotes a "special public forum on immigrant rights" which was to be held on [[October 20, 2006]] in New York City. Tag lines: "Build a movement to fight back!", "Stop government and Minutemen attacks!" Lists just the following as "guest speakers":

Mexican immigrant who sought U.S. sanctuary deported - 08/22/07

Reuters/Kemp Powers/[[August 20, 2007]]/ link Article about the Elvira Arellano case.

Meet Fabian Nunez, Hillary Clinton's campaign co-chair - 05/12/07

On this uninteresting April 30 video (youtube.com/watch?v=kUvnyf8qzk8), you can see Hillary Clinton introduced by California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, one of her campaign's co-chairs. Meanwhile, back in the 90's, Nunez was just a bit more radical than that video might suggest. On this video (youtube.com/watch?v=FgbCB8QlQWw) from an anti-Proposition 187 rally in Los Angeles: Fabian Nunez is seen on stage introducing Juan Jose Gutierrez of the SEIU to make a speech to the crowd. To the right stands a Mexican trumpet band. Behind the stage is a large colonial-era American flag, signifying a...

June 24: illegal immigration rally at Hollywood and Vine - 05/08/07

According to this, the ANSWER-linked Juan Jose Gutierrez - director of Latino Movement USA - is planning yet another illegal immigration march, this time for June 24 at the famous corner of Hollywood and Vine: "All of us here today are united in expressing in the clearest voice possible that our community will not be intimidated into inaction... The struggle for democratic rights and democratic immigration reform will continue."

Immigration groups tap into war debate - 03/14/07

Peter Prengaman/Associated Press/[[March 14, 2007]]/ link Frustrated by Congress' lack of progress on immigration reform, pro-immigrant activists want to tap into growing anti-war sentiment this spring by combining the two issues at dozens of rallies nationwide.

Groups Call for 'A Day Without an Immigrant' - 02/21/07

[[Selene Rivera]]/[[Eastern Group Publications]]/[[April 15, 2006]]/ link Activists with the March 25th Coalition, organizers of the massive immigration rights protest which took place in Los Angeles two weeks ago, are now calling for an economic boycott to take place next month. (note: May 1 marches)

Socialism Conference to take place in Los Angeles - 02/20/07

[[November 8, 2006]]/Sarah Sloan/ link This Saturday, Nov. 11, the Los Angeles branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation will hold its third annual Socialism Conference. Click here to register for the conference.

Latinos Threaten to Take to the Streets - 11/15/06

[[Prensa Latina]]/[[November 14, 2006]]/ link Tuesday US Latino organizations threatened to carry out mass demonstrations on the streets of the United States if Congress refuses to take actions favoring immigrants.

Juan Jose Gutierrez, ANSWER, Party for Socialism and Liberation, and NBC News - 11/15/06

Juan Jose Gutierrez is the director of Latino Movement USA, and NBC News featured him as a spokesman for the Hispanic community last month. A week before then, he was a featured speaker at a public forum sponsored by the "Party for Socialism and Liberation". The flyer for that is to the right, and a description of the event is here. Note that the other featured speaker was Karina Garcia, the Political Chair of the Chicano Caucus at Columbia University (columbia.edu/cu/chicanocaucus). Did NBC News know about this? Perhaps they did, but they were convinced to run the segment without...