NBC report on border fence features Juan Jose Gutierrez

Tonight's NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams featured a report on the border fence bill being signed. For the thoughts of the Hispanic community, they turned to... Juan Jose Gutierrez. You know, the guy who organized a 1996 march that was led by the Mexican Army's band. In 1994, he took part in a protest - along with current CA Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez - that included a U.S. flag with just 13 stars. Nowadays, he's still organizing marches and he's linked to ANSWER.

The footage looked like it was shot in a studio, and it also looked like it was provided by an affiliate. Nonetheless, are NBC's NYC producers unable to use those search engine things?

There are at least two levels to this: the fact that JJG is a bit of a Hispanic "leader", and also the fact that NBC considers him to be a leader and presents him as such. In order to do something about the first, please do something about the second by contacting your local NBC affiliate and suggesting that they contact their HQ with some constructive criticism.


Gutierrez is a pig for mexico city, we all know that, the rats inside our non nation want the ideals of the third world here so you wil become nothing but a slave, the people of mexico are nothing but little people with no ideals but one to help in the death of this nation and in the death of the people ( read white/black non hispanic ) and its ideals of laws and civilization. juan jose Gutierrez is a tool of evil doers and most are inside this so called government the only way we can become a nation of people and laws and yes duty to each other is to take up arms and free our once great nation from evil doers and hate race people who hate our freedoms and want us dead, dead,dead. the ber fence means nothing once this so called government makes 200 million hispanic citizens inside and outside the non borders of the so called USA, So start to see it for what it is, EVIL. But most will go-along to get along for now just like the jews did in 1933.

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