Meet Fabian Nunez, Hillary Clinton's campaign co-chair

On this uninteresting April 30 video (, you can see Hillary Clinton introduced by California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, one of her campaign's co-chairs.

Meanwhile, back in the 90's, Nunez was just a bit more radical than that video might suggest. On this video ( from an anti-Proposition 187 rally in Los Angeles:

Fabian Nunez is seen on stage introducing Juan Jose Gutierrez of the SEIU to make a speech to the crowd. To the right stands a Mexican trumpet band. Behind the stage is a large colonial-era American flag, signifying a U.S. at its original 13-state size. After Gutierrez's speech, the band performs a droning rendition of the American national anthem while Nunez, Gutierrez and Kevin de Leon stand on stage talking to each other. After the U.S. anthem is finished, with chants of "Mexico, Mexico" from the crowd, the band begins an enthusiastic performance of the Mexican national anthem - and then Nunez, de Leon and Gutierriez all snap to attention and salute.


Classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, er, Assemblyman Nunez and Sr. Reconquista.

How I despise Anchor Baby Faby.

It's been interesting to watch the changes in flag waving patterns since the Prop 187 protests. 1994, anti-prop 187 march: Over 90% Mexican flags 2006, "la Gran Marcha": About 50% Mexican flags and 50% American flags 2007, "May Day" march: Around two-thirds American flags, one-third other flags. Are these changes due to an inexplicable increase in pro-American patriotism among illegals, or are they just getting more manipulative? People like Fabian Nunez make me think its the latter.

another example of the multicult elites pushing their ideology on the rest of the people. if the people dont wake up a mexican flag will be over every town in the southwest!

all part of the one world game being played on you, listen to savage nation.

by the way thank you erik, its well understood what will happen if the rats take power inside this country,and may God help us all if that becomes a fact, we will have no out but to fight for our lives inside a nation being ruled by our enemies from capitol hill.