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Democratic Convention speakers list and immigration - 09/03/12

Summary This post has a list of the speakers at the Democratic National Convention and links to more information on their immigration positions when known. There are also a preview of how the immigration issue will be presented at the convention, and some things you can do if you oppose illegal immigration. Preview

Dozens of pro-illegal immigration groups were invited to Obama's mini-amnesty rollout and you weren't - 08/25/11

On August 18, Barack Obama's Department of Homeland Security announced an administrative amnesty that could cover 300,000 or more illegal aliens.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2011: new amnesty push from Leahy, Menendez, Durbin, Reid, Schumer, Kerry, Gillibrand - 06/23/11

Yesterday the U.S. Senators listed in the title introduced the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2011, this year's version of a major amnesty bill.

Rand Paul: noblesse oblige out, Randroid in (tax on yachts) - 11/03/10

Just after winning the Senate race from Kentucky, Rand Paul told Wolf Blitzer the following (video below and at ): PAUL: I would say that they must be in favor of a second American depression, because if you raise taxes to that consequence, that's what will happen in this country. Raising taxes in the midst of a recession would be a disaster for our economy. And anybody who proposes such a policy really is, I think, unfit to be making decisions. BLITZER: What if they just raised taxes on the richest, those making more than 250,000 dollars a year? PAUL: Well, the thing is,...

"Temporary" Protected Status for Haitian illegal aliens pushed by profiteers (Haiti earthquake) - 01/14/10

[TPS has been approved; see the update below] Yesterday, Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security suspended repatriations of illegal aliens from Haiti; that makes some sense as long as it's actually temporary. What doesn't make sense are the calls from some to give "Temporary Protected Status" in the U.S. to Haitian illegal aliens. The word "temporary" is generally a misnomer as that status is renewed over and over. TPS would be an infected band-aid that wouldn't fix Haiti's structural problems and in some cases would result in importing Haiti's problems into the U.S. It would...

Feinstein re-introduces AgJobs farmworker amnesty/indentured servitude bill - 05/14/09

Senator Dianne Feinstein has re-introduced the "Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits and Security Act" (AgJobs) farmworker amnesty plan [1] with sixteen co-sponsors [2]. Consider these listed features: # Undocumented agriculture workers would be eligible for a “blue card” if they can demonstrate having worked in American agriculture for at least 150 work days (or 863 hours) over the previous two years before December 31, 2008. # The blue card holder would be required to work in American agriculture for an additional three years (working at least 150 work days per year) or five years (...

Letter to Senate shows Harold Koh's disinterest in U.S. sovereignty (John Fonte) - 04/09/09

Under the name "Coalition to Preserve American Sovereignty", John Fonte and others from the Ethics and Public Policy Center are seeking signatures for a letter pointing out just how weak State Department legal advisor Harold Koh is on U.S.

Senate moving to ratify Law of the Sea treaty - 03/13/09

From this: The Senate is gearing up to ratify a Nixon-era U.N. treaty meant to create universal laws to govern the seas -- a treaty critics say will create a massive U.N. bureaucracy that could even claim powers over American waterways. LOST -- the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, also called the Law of the Sea Treaty -- regulates all things oceanic, from fishing rights, navigation lanes and environmental concerns to what lies beneath: the seabed's oil and mineral wealth that companies hope to explore and exploit in coming years. But critics say the treaty, which declares the sea and...

"Comprensive immigration reform" returns: S.9, the "Stronger Economy, Stronger Borders Act of 2009" - 01/07/09

Comprehensive immigration reform - aka an amnesty for illegal aliens - is back. Yesterday, Harry Reid introduced S.9, the "Stronger Economy, Stronger Borders Act of 2009" ("SESBA"). What's there now is just a placeholder (link), however the remarks made by Patrick Leahy at introduction show exactly what it is. Those remarks and the list of co-sponsors are below. Note that this is a repeat of how it started in 2007, right down to the bill number. If you want to cut this bill off at the knees, write to your representatives and let them know your opinion. However, for those who want something...

Obama cabinet might include Democrat titans: Gore, Napolitano, Vilsack, Howard Dean, Caroline Kennedy... - 11/11/08

The Barack Obama cabinet might include such Democratic Party titans as Al Gore, Arizona governor Janet Napolitano, former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack, Caroline Kennedy, Howard Dean, Bill Richardson, John Kerry, and many more truly titanic names. This link has a "transition flowchart", a PDF showing some potential picks and all of them are truly great figures who will help the Repu... er, I mean the Democrats. While this could all be a jolly joke, who knows since the head of the transition team is John Podesta and his think tank the Center for American Progress is as much a joke as the Harding...

Truth Fights Back, just not too well (John Kerry on anti-Obama smears) - 08/14/08

John Kerry's "Campaign for Our Country" has started a new website called Truth Fights Back (, and it's pretty bad. For instance, consider the post "Barack Obama is not aligned with Weather Underground", which combines 3rd-grade-level writing with 3rd-grade-level thinking. This is the "smear" ( Republicans have repeatedly pushed a bogus story about William Ayers, a member of the 60s-era Weather Underground. They make all sorts of bogus claims about his association with Barack Obama and repeatedly try to make the connection between the two...

Steve Decosta/Standard-Times shows how to spin sweatshops (New Bedford Michael Bianco raid, WBSM) - 12/24/07

Steve Decosta of the Standard-Times (South Coast Massachusetts) offers "Year in review: Bianco raid put SouthCoast at center of immigration debate" about the immigration raid of Michael Bianco Inc. in New Bedford.

Truther (lamely) confronts Rudy Giuliani, why can't we? - 09/16/07

There have been several videos featuring "Truthers" more or less lamely "confronting" presidential candidates about 9/11. While one featuring John Kerry featured an actual dialog (and more or less a brush off), most of them involve the Truthers yelling questions at the candidate which are then ignored.

Hillary Clinton picks National Council of La Raza's Raul Yzaguirre to co-chair - 04/12/07

Hillary Clinton has selected Raul Yzaguirre - former president of the National Council of La Raza ("The Race") - as the co-chair of her presidential campaign. He'll head up her "outreach" to Hispanics. In actual fact, he'll help her even more strongly support illegal immigration, as Yzaguirre's history shows. NCLR is a considered-mainstream group that has links to and funds extremists. Last year, Karl Rove spoke at their convention. Yzaguirre says: "Hillary Clinton has spent more than three decades advocating on behalf of those who are invisible in America... Not only is she the most...

Bush's original "guest" worker scheme revealed - 03/28/07

In this video segment from 2004, Margaret Spellings [1] described how Bush's original "guest" worker scheme would be open to *everyone*, specifically mentioning nurses, teachers, and high-tech workers. In brief, president Bush wanted to open (most of) the U.S. labor market to the world, including (previously) middle-class occupations. Oddly enough, the Democrats completely failed to highlight Bush's disastrous, anti- and un-American plans during the 2004 elections. If they had, John Kerry would be president today.

Kerry, Kennedy, Delahunt, Frank support illegal immigration (New Bedford, Congressional investigation) - 03/13/07

For further proof that Democratic Party leaders do not support our laws, here's the caption of the following photo: Sen.

Did President Bush undermine our troops and our war effort? (Kerry Iraq comment) - 11/03/06

Returning to the subject of John Kerry's Iraq comment, have President Bush and various GOP partisans undermined our troops and our war effort? One of the arguments against the negative interpretation of Kerry's comment is that that comment gives comfort to al Qaeda, the Iraqi insurgents, and others. Those enemy forces can say something like, "even the U.S.

George Bush intentionally misleads about John Kerry Iraq comment - 10/31/06

Speaking in Georgia about an hour ago, president Bush intentionally distorted John Kerry's earlier comments about Iraq. Yesterday, speaking at Pasadena City College, Kerry said this: "You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."

California Rural Legal Assistance violated federal law? - 09/15/06

The inspector general of the federal Legal Services Corporation has issued a report highly critical of California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA), which is funded by LSC. He: found "substantial evidence the CRLA has violated federal law" by soliciting clients, working a fee-generating case, requesting attorney fees and associating with political activities...

Americans relax: "Immigration no threat to English use in U.S." - 09/14/06

Reuters tells the Americans they can relax: U.S. citizens concerned that Latino immigrants will have them singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" in Spanish can rest easy, according to an academic study published on Wednesday. A report in the Population and Development Review found that far from threatening the dominance of English, most Latin American immigrants to the United States lose their ability to speak Spanish over the course of a few generations...

Immigration questions George F. Will won't answer - 06/19/06

George F. Will was last heard offering a false choice argument on immigration, supporting the Bush line that we have to either give amnesty to illegal aliens or conduct mass deportations. Now, he's back with "Calculating Immigration Politics":

Kerry Iran nuke plan now Bush Iran nuke plan - 06/06/06

The Bush administration is offering to give Iran nuclear technology in exchange for them stopping uranium enrichment. While I'm not familiar with the details of either plan, wasn't this exactly what John Kerry proposed? And, wasn't that roundly criticized by BushBots near and far?

History repeats itself with illegal alien amnesty; the huge difference - 05/24/06

Many of the aspects of the current immigration "reform" proposals are similar to the horribly failed past amnesties, and even some of the players - such as Teddy Kennedy - have been at this same game for decades. There is, however, a major difference between now and then that politicians, pundits, policy makers, and even bloggers would be very wise to heed: the internet. If you wanted to find out the position of a politician on the 1986 amnesty you might have to go scrounge through microfiches at your regional library or buy a pass to a newspaper's archives.

John Kerry, Harry Reid confused about whole "America" thing - 04/07/06

A completely unverified comment here says: John Kerry on IMUS this morning claimed poeple wanted to deport 12 million Americans. If anyone has a tape that would be great. And, KFI-AM Los Angeles played a snippet of Harry Reid saying that hundreds of thousands of Americans had taken to the streets to protest for immigration "reform".

AVWatch: Villaraigosa to give Democrat's Spanish-language SOTU response - 01/25/06

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are proud to announced that Antonio Villaraigosa, the Los Angeles Mayor and former member of MEChA, will offer the Spanish-language response to Bush's State of the Union address on Tuesday Jan 31. The former president of the UCLA chapter of the racial separatist group has previously admitted that his Spanish is a bit rusty. Seeing as he was born here and no doubt English was his first language and all. No doubt Villaraigosa will write the speech in English and have someone translate it, assuming he writes it himself at all.

Democrats fail to capitalize on massive Republican incompetence - 10/28/05

Considering all that's been going on for the past few years, you'd think the Dems would get a clue and be able to come up with a way to capitalize on things like Iraq, Katrina, massive illegal immigration, cronyism, corruption, indictments, etc.

The growing New Orleans jobs scandal - 10/07/05

Will cheap illegal labor, working in substandard or illegal conditions and working on federal government contracts, rebuild New Orleans? Will major contractors pocket the difference between what they would have paid Americans and what they will pay those illegal aliens? And, will all this happen with the support of both "liberals" and "conservatives"? Will this become a major scandal revealing both Republican and Democratic corruption, or will the news media be able to sweep it under the rug? Yesterday, Mayor Ray Nagin raised the issue of illegal aliens working in New Orleans at a...

Conyers, McKinley attending September 24 Washington DC Cindy Sheehan protest - 09/23/05

Knight-Ridder informs us that "Top Democrats won't attend anti-war rally in Washington". (For the backstory, see "ANSWER, UPJ, Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, MoveOn to protest at White House September 24".) However, two lesser lights will be attending: Reps.

Newsweek: Racial Power! - 05/22/05

This week's Newsweek focuses on racial power, specifically White Power. They cover recent elections won by white people, and suggest that, while White Power is great, in order to win future elections whites need to reach out to other races. Oh, wait! I got that wrong! This week's Newsweek features Black Power. Ooops. I've been informed that was wrong too. The cover is actually called "Latino Power". Whew! For a moment there I thought they were discussing the bad kind of racial power.

Hunger for Dictatorship - 02/06/05

The American Conservative's Scott McConnell, who like your blogger endorsed John Kerry for president, now offers us "Hunger for Dictatorship": ...there are foreshadowings well worth noting. The last weeks of 2004 saw several explicit warnings from the antiwar Right about the coming of an American fascism.

Dick Morris: Hillary can win - 01/11/05

Dick Morris: Hillary Clinton can't win - oh, and pigs can fly Those who would stick their heads in the sand and maintain that Sen. Hillary Clinton could never be elected president are in for a rude shock, according to the latest data from the Fox News survey. In a poll taken last month, Americans said they felt the New York Democrat was "qualified to be president of the United States" by 59-34 percent. Clinton showed strength among all traditional Democratic voters, winning the approval of Sen. John Kerry supporters by 80-13, blacks by 80-8, all women by 64-29 and unmarried women by 69-24...

Don't Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate--The Essential Guide for Progressives - 01/05/05

Could "liberals" use NLP or perhaps involuntary hypnotism to convince people that their arguments have some slight merit?

Today on Reading for Democrats - 11/03/04

Hello Democratic visitors. And, welcome.

Should conservatives support Kerry? - 11/01/04

[ Cross-posted to RedState [1] and the Command Post[2] ] Here's what president Bush said at a campaign rally on July 4 in Charleston, West Virginia: ...on the Fourth of July, we confirm our love of freedom, the freedom for people to speak their minds, the freedom for people to worship as they so choose. Free thought and free expression, that's what we believe... It sounds good, but let's look at the context [3]:

Some endorsements - 10/29/04

As readers might have figured out by now, I'm endorsing John Kerry to be president. I strongly urge all readers to consider the past four years, use that as a key to understanding what the next four years would be like under George Bush, and put their faith in divided government.

Welcome to the new, improved GOP - 10/29/04

You know those wacky fun posts containing quotes from moonbats? For balance, I present the following ( Unfortunately, I think this type of "thinking" represents a larger slice of the GOP than the DU does of the left. Bin Laden Well folks, John Kerry has just gotten his most important endorsement yet. None other than Osama Bin Laden has just publicly joined his team.

The David Dreier epistles - 10/27/04

Two letters from the 10/21/04 La Canada Daily Sun discuss Political Human Sacrifice's David Dreier. We Need Dreier: David Dreier got $3 billion passed through Congress to help keep emergency rooms open in Southern California. As bad as the situation is now, imagine how much worse it would be if we hadn't gotten that money.

Bush and Nordic myth - 10/22/04

One of the contributors at PoliPundit posted the following (polipundit . com/wp-comments-popup.php?p=4727):

"Addicted to 9/11" - 10/14/04

Tom Friedman: I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I hear the president and vice president slamming John Kerry for saying that he hopes America can eventually get back to a place where "terrorists are not the focus of our lives, but they're a nuisance." The idea that President Bush and Mr. Cheney would declare such a statement to be proof that Mr. Kerry is unfit to lead actually says more about them than Mr. Kerry.

"Immigration overshadowed on presidential campaign trail" - 10/12/04

From the AP: Neither President Bush nor Sen.