Today on Reading for Democrats

Hello Democratic visitors. And, welcome. Here's today's reading: "Five Lessons Learned: The Donkey Gets Its Ass Kicked" and, jumping on the It's All About The Values bandwagon, "Living Poor, Voting Rich":

In the aftermath of this civil war that our nation has just fought, one result is clear: the Democratic Party's first priority should be to reconnect with the American heartland.

I'm writing this on tenterhooks on Tuesday, without knowing the election results. But whether John Kerry's supporters are now celebrating or seeking asylum abroad, they should be feeling wretched about the millions of farmers, factory workers and waitresses who ended up voting - utterly against their own interests - for Republican candidates.

One of the Republican Party's major successes over the last few decades has been to persuade many of the working poor to vote for tax breaks for billionaires. Democrats are still effective on bread-and-butter issues like health care, but they come across in much of America as arrogant and out of touch the moment the discussion shifts to values...

See also how Kerry could have won and what Kerry should have mentioned that would have enabled him to win.



Will someone explain how it happened that the central valley of CA voted for Bush, when presumably no special outreach was done to minorities there, Kerry being the expected winner in CA?