Dick Morris: Hillary can win

Dick Morris:
Hillary Clinton can't win - oh, and pigs can fly Those who would stick their heads in the sand and maintain that Sen. Hillary Clinton could never be elected president are in for a rude shock, according to the latest data from the Fox News survey.

In a poll taken last month, Americans said they felt the New York Democrat was "qualified to be president of the United States" by 59-34 percent. Clinton showed strength among all traditional Democratic voters, winning the approval of Sen. John Kerry supporters by 80-13, blacks by 80-8, all women by 64-29 and unmarried women by 69-24 and people under 30 by 73-20.

But she also did well among more traditionally Republican constituencies. Men said she was qualified by 53-40. Southerners agreed by 55-36, as did those earning more than $75,000 per year, who felt she was qualified by 58-39. While 80 percent of liberals felt she was qualified, so did 59 percent of moderates and 43 percent of self-described conservatives. Incredibly, so did 33 percent of Republicans and 37 percent of Bush voters...
Via KoolAidCentral, at which I left the following perhaps short-lived comment:
Hillary's on the right side of immigration matters, something that most other Democrats and many Republicans are not.
It doesn't directly attack Bush, so the comment might be around for an hour or two.

1pm UPDATE: I forgot to check, and some time between now and post time my comment was replaced with the following:
Deleted - previously banned user

That's not the first time, nor the second, nor probably the third or more that's happened. Those guys are just too funny.