Bush's original "guest" worker scheme revealed

In this video segment from 2004, Margaret Spellings [1] described how Bush's original "guest" worker scheme would be open to *everyone*, specifically mentioning nurses, teachers, and high-tech workers. In brief, president Bush wanted to open (most of) the U.S. labor market to the world, including (previously) middle-class occupations.

Oddly enough, the Democrats completely failed to highlight Bush's disastrous, anti- and un-American plans during the 2004 elections. If they had, John Kerry would be president today.

So, why didn't they discuss Bush's horrific scheme?

[1] At the time, Margaret Spellings was a domestic policy assistant; now she's Secretary of Education. You may have seen her losing on Jeopardy! in November.


So, does Bush and Company have an alternate country we can all move to when he replaces each and every one of us???? I'm mad as hell and can't take this anymore!!!!!

They didn't discuss it, of course, because the Dems are tools of the same special interests as the GOP.