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Biden implies whites would be low priority for COVID vaccine; lies about stats - 11/19/20

Joe Biden implies non-whites would be prioritized ahead of whites for receiving the COVID19 vaccine, and also lied about the statistics regarding those who've died from the disease. From the transcript of his November 19, 2020 press conference (bolding added) [1]:

Trump wants to fight Joe Biden. What he should do instead. - 10/26/16

One of the main reasons why Donald Trump is still a contender is because the opposition to him has been so unintellectual. He's made his loudest opponents stupid, dragging them into the mud with him. The smart thing to do would be for Trump to get out of the mud and leave his opponents there: doing a great public service by making them look bad.

Obama admin uses very curious phrase about UACs (illegal immigration) - 07/18/14

A very curious phrase illegal immigration supporters use is a variant of "safe, legal, and orderly" when referring to movements of people between countries. For instance, George W Bush, a Mexican consul, and the Canadian government have all used variants of that phrase.

Joe Biden asked "lower our taxes" at custard shop: why that's ineffective - 06/27/10

Joe Biden recently visited Kopps Custard in Greenfield, Wisconsin and got custard on his face! He asked the manager how much he owed him, and the manager replied "lower our taxes"; see that on the attached video, and note that Biden later called him a "smartass" (link).

Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden wear anti-Arizona law bracelets at Mexican president's speech - 05/22/10

A couple of days ago, the Democrats in Congress gave Mexican president Felipe Calderon a standing ovation after he criticized the new Arizona immigration law on the House floor. It gets even worse, as shown on this video: Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and no doubt others were wearing rubber bracelets designed to show solidarity against Arizona's law during the Calderon speech. From this earlier story about Rep. Joe Baca (link): As part of his general boycott of Arizona -- which includes his refusal to fly through Phoenix on his weekly trips to and from Washington -- Baca, D-...

White House immigration meeting of amnesty all-stars: Obama, McCain, Graham, Cornyn, Gutierrez - 06/26/09

Yesterday, Barack Obama met with various members of Congress to discuss comprehensive immigration reform. His remarks are at [1], a list of attendees is at [2], and some quotes from attendees is at [3]. Nothing very important appears to have happened or been said. Joe Biden chairs Middle Class Task Force, let's ask him questions - 01/30/09

All America cheered the news that VP Joe Biden had finally found a job: he'll be heading up Barack Obama's "Middle Class Task Force". The site is located at, which simply redirects to As part of that, they'll apparently be conducting meetings across the U.S., with the first to cover green jobs in Philadelphia on February 27. If there's going to be a public Q&A session, I urge everyone to go out and ask an on-topic question designed to reveal the flaws in Biden's plans. Unfortunately, I'm not an expert on that field, but if you are...

Joe Biden on gun control: flashback to 2007 debate - 11/03/08

I'm sure everyone remembers this classic from last year's Youtube/CNN debate debacle. QUESTION: Good evening, America. My name is Jered Townsend from Clio, Michigan. To all the candidates, tell me your position on gun control, as myself and other Americans really want to know if our babies are safe. This is my baby, purchased under the 1994 gun ban. Please tell me your views. Thank you. ...COOPER: Senator Biden, are you going to be able to keep his baby safe? BIDEN: I'll tell you what, if that is his baby, he needs help. (APPLAUSE) I think he just made an admission against self...

Joe Biden enraged by semi-tough but worthless questions; Jill Biden then cancels appearance - 10/25/08

I have yet to see two things: Idiocracy and the interview Barbara West of WFTV-Channel 9 conducted with Joe Biden earlier today [1]. I suspect those two things are related.

Sarah Palin/Joe Biden vice presidential debate live coverage 10/2/08 - 10/02/08

Summary: Palin "won", in that she held her own, which was much better than the MSM and the "pundits" expected (and hoped). She didn't eviscerate Biden (even though she got in a subtle dig against Michelle Obama), but simply by being able to match him she hasn't doomed the McCain campaign and her folksy ways probably helped a good deal. She's also shown herself not to be the monster that the MSM has tried to portray her as. Commencing now.. Biden implies that madrassas aren't schools. I'm sure he knows, but... Palin had a "good conversation" with Henry Kissinger. Oh my. Was David Rockefeller...

Does Barack Obama support the First Amendment? (answer: well, it depends) - 09/25/08

Is Barack Obama a strong proponent of the First Amendment? Does he support free speech, even by those who strongly disagree with him? The answer is: not really. I'll keep track in reverse chronological order (note, of course, that there are other examples throughout the time period):

Black and Brown debate features childish race card tricks (Richardson as Hillary's VP?) - 12/02/07

The "Iowa Brown and Black Forum" was held yesterday. Edwards gave a shout out to Obama and said he wants to raise the minimum wage to $9.50; B. Hussein Obama agreed. Then, the card games began, with Obama saying:

Tim Russert/MSNBC Democratic "debate" features journalistic incompetence - 09/26/07

The Democrats are offering yet another debate this evening, broadcast on MSNBC and featuring Tim Russert as moderator. He and a "reporter" from a Northeast TV network just asked the candidates whether they supported sanctuary cities. Then, Russert and the "reporter" just listened as the candidates blathered on. All of them supported sanctuary cities, with (of course) Kucinich and Gravel being the most extreme and the latter being the most incoherent. The only thing Russert did was press them to answer the question; he didn't call them on any of the ensuing misleading statements nor did he...

Joe Biden speaks mostly truth about Mexico, immigration - 11/28/06

For forgotten reasons, this site isn't exactly a cheerleader for Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE), but his latest statements [1] seem to go a bit beyond the usual "pretend to talk kinda tough but actually promise nothing" blather: