Black and Brown debate features childish race card tricks (Richardson as Hillary's VP?)

The "Iowa Brown and Black Forum" was held yesterday. Edwards gave a shout out to Obama and said he wants to raise the minimum wage to $9.50; B. Hussein Obama agreed. Then, the card games began, with Obama saying:

"When America gets a cold, black and brown America get pneumonia, and we've got pneumonia right now... We're moving in that direction, and we've got to do something about it. We've got to strengthen our unions. We have to raise the minimum wage and make sure it's not every 10 years, but it's keeping pace with inflation. It's got to be a livable wage."

Then, Bill Richardson:

"As the only brown member in this debate, is there any chance we could have civil rights equity and have the brown guy get a little more time?"

Horror writers alone could imaging what it would be like to have him as president or vice president. Would playing the racial victim card help him with North Korea or Iran? Looks like Hillary Clinton is stupid enough to want to find out:

A few minutes later, the governor got his chance to question another candidate and turned to Clinton to ask whether she agreed that governors, such as himself and former president and governor Bill Clinton "make great presidents." Sen. Clinton was clearly ready for him, smiling as she shot back: "I think they also make good vice presidents."

Then, Joe Biden said:

"This is not a zero-sum game... I was offstage hearing about 'black' and 'Hispanic.' Look, that's what white boys have done a long time - banging people against one another. Let's get this straight, it has nothing to do with black versus Hispanic: There's plenty of opportunity for both."

Do I need to add that if Barack Obama had said the same thing even many "liberals" would consider him a racist?

Then, asked an apparently weak question by Ray Suarez about driver's licenses for illegal aliens, Hillary responded again with a call to pass "comprehensive immigration reform". She could save herself from saying the same thing over and over by just holding up a sign.


I wonder how much rich white boys have spent on hair plugs?

The balkanization of America continues. Brown and Black Forum?What next, a Red and Yellow forum for Indians (oops, I mean Native Americans) and Orientals (oops, I mean vertically challenged math nerds). And shame on Biden, proving he's just another sycophantic caucasian liberal, with his obligatory shot at white people.

"I'm very candid," he said. "I say, 'Look I'm not running as a Hispanic candidate. I'm running as a Western governor, proud to be Hispanic but I don't wear my Hispanic-ness on my sleeve." In fact, with a name such as Richardson -- which comes from his American-born father and not, as one reader recently suggested, because the candidate "changed his name to be more acceptable to white people" -- it's possible that many Hispanics don't even know that Richardson is one of their own. //// True in a way. Richardson doesn't wear his 'Hispanic-ness' on his sleeve--more like printed in all caps on the front of a silk screen t-shirt!

Its really time to start to think about a new nation inside the old one, we all know what is coming the laws will soon mean nothing all of this is happening now in front of us all so why just stand-around? soon the little drug dealers from Mexico and the Black butt's and the little yellow people will want your life your home and your job's and you will get nothing BUT THE END IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?