Biden implies whites would be low priority for COVID vaccine; lies about stats

Joe Biden implies non-whites would be prioritized ahead of whites for receiving the COVID19 vaccine, and also lied about the statistics regarding those who've died from the disease.

From the transcript of his November 19, 2020 press conference (bolding added) [1]:

...One important thing to understand is there is a, and we’ve talked a lot about this and we’ve talked about it and talked about it when I was running, seeking the nomination as well. And that is that the idea of the brown, black, Asian American, Native American communities are always the first ones hit the hardest. And the last ones who are brought back. We’re going to flip that around. It’s going to be really important to determine priorities based upon access to the information that’s available, access to everything from the vaccine to other opportunities to be able to deal with helping the country, part of the country that’s hurt the worst. Three times as many African-Americans have died than white Americans died from COVID.

So there has to be a prioritization. That’s why I’d like to know exactly what this administration has in mind in terms of their Operation Warp Speed and how they plan it. And that’s what we talked about with the governors today. They all mentioned the need to focus on communities that have been left behind, particularly Governor Cuomo. It’s one thing if, for example, vaccines are distributed to all the Walgreens of America. No criticism of Walgreens, but there’s a lot of those facilities that aren’t in rural communities and are not in poor communities, African-American, Latino communities. So we’ve got to make sure there’s access for them...

1. Biden is probably referring to the claim "US blacks 3 times more likely than whites to get COVID-19" [2], but that's not the same as his claim. As of August, the CDC claims the black death rate is 2.1 higher [3]. The SJWs at The Atlantic make the same claim [4]. While "fact checkers" have called Biden on similar lies in the past [5], don't expect that in this case and don't expect a correction.

2. Much worse is his claim that he's going to "flip" things around. So, let's do that: "[whites will be] the first ones hit the hardest. And [whites will be the] last ones who are brought back". Racist, no? It's a valid point about making sure the vaccines are as available to as many people as possible, but that's not what Biden said: he wants to deprioritize whites in receiving the vaccine. Instead of prioritizing all front-line workers no matter their race, he'd send whites to the back of the bus.

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