Joe Biden asked "lower our taxes" at custard shop: why that's ineffective

Joe Biden recently visited Kopps Custard in Greenfield, Wisconsin and got custard on his face! He asked the manager how much he owed him, and the manager replied "lower our taxes"; see that on the attached video, and note that Biden later called him a "smartass" (link).

This is all great fun and quite entertaining, but considering the massive problems the U.S. is having none of it is helping. In case anyone would like to do things that are effective - things that would hold politicians accountable and that would undercut the mainstream media - help promote the question authority plan.

You can rant at a politician all day, and they'll just keep on doing what they've been doing. Rants and having "fun" aren't effective. The way to change politicians' behavior is to ask them tough questions designed to show the flaws in their plans, what they aren't mentioning, and so on.

The media refuses to ask politicians tough questions, and citizens who get the chance - at custard shops or at townhalls - aren't filling the gap.

Asking tough questions would help hold politicians accountable and at the same time it would show up the mainstream media.

If you want to hold politicians accountable and show up the mainstream media, help promote the question authority plan.

UPDATE: This was in Wisconsin, not Michigan as initially stated.

Custard shop mgr to Joe Biden: "Lower our taxes"