Council Bluffs, Iowa wants $2.5 million for "lightly traveled" road (+many more)

Casey Gillam of Reuters offers "U.S. states eager to start spending stimulus money" (link), which lists some of the projects that various localities want to spend their fair share of the stimulus plan on. The first two paragraphs seemed to indicate that this was going to be an article about the absurdity of each and every city across the U.S. getting their own Springfield monorail, but that quickly fizzled:

The lightly traveled stretch of road on the outskirts of a small Midwestern city may look like a minor two-lane street.

But local officials see the rutted road as a prime candidate for a $2.5 million face-lift, paid for by the federal government.

After that slightly hopeful start, we get a comment-free enumeration:

In California, among the states hardest hit by recession, there are $44 billion in "shovel-ready" infrastructure projects to pick from. The wish list includes $200,000 for a bicycle locker building with showers for bike commuters in Sonoma County and a $300 million civic center in Tulare County... Cincinnati, Ohio, city leaders have $333 million in projects they say could create 3,700 jobs, including a $5.2 million airport upgrade they say would create 60 jobs and $2.5 million for street improvements in a low-income area that could create 53 jobs... Fort Worth, Texas, officials want to use $471 million for a regional rail project and $177 million to improve the city sewage system... About $2.5 million will be spent to improve the road circling around the town's community college. As the college grows, it will likely become a busy thoroughfare, Council Bluffs public works director Greg Reeder said...

Of course, they'll need more funds to improve the college first. And, they'll also need to get people to move to Council Bluffs in the first place, such as to actually make things.