Regional White House Forums on Health Care Reform visiting California, Iowa, MI, NC, VT; ask questions

Later this month and in April, the Barack Obama administration will be conducting "Regional White House Forums on Health Care Reform" in California, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina and Vermont [1]:

In keeping with the Obama administration’s commitment to a transparent, accountable government, the forums will be an opportunity for Americans from all over the country to voice their concerns and ideas about reforming our health care system... They will be open conversations with everyday Americans, local, state and federal elected officials – both Democrat and Republican -- and senior Obama administration officials. The events will begin with a video recorded by the President, a summary of the findings from the Health Care Community Discussions that took place in December, and an overview of the discussion that took place at the White House Forum on Health Reform.

This would be a very good chance for those who are very familiar with these issues to go ask tough questions designed to point out the flaws in Obama's plans. Or, if you want to make one of Obama's little helpers look very bad, wait for them to say that there are "47 million uninsured Americans" and then point out that they're lying because millions of that number are foreign citizens including illegal aliens.

The schedule hasn't been released yet, but please contact opposition groups in those states and suggest they get their questions ready.