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Jo Diddley
Redfern, Sydney
I yam what I yam #jot_art #rag_artist #jotracy Founder of #redfernartistsgroup #RAG Gadigal Land
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From @Mediaite
Nothing More Infuriating Than Foreign-Born TV Stars Lecturing Americans On Gun Ownership (Column by @LarryOConnor)…
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From @warnerthuston
@Mediaite @LarryOConnor As abortion supporters, they have more blood on their hands than every gun owner in the country combined.
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From @jot_au
@warnerthuston @Mediaite @LarryOConnor oh FUCK OFF! how DARE filthy don't care about 'life''…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jot_au: hit warnerthuston where it hurts. Point out to his fan he refused to help stop Obama's amnesty: