Ohio, Illinois, NY, NJ, Penn to lose political power due to massive immigration (House seats; also: IA, LA, MA, MI, MN, MO)

According to a new study (americasvoiceonline.org/pages/the_new_constituents), due to massive immigration particularly by Latinos, the results of the 2010 Census - used to apportion congressional districts - will result in the following changes (chart from the HuffPost article discussed here):

States gaining House seats: Texas (+4), Arizona (+2), Florida (+1), Georgia (+1), Nevada (+1), Oregon (+1), South Carolina (+1), and Utah (+1).

States losing House seats: Ohio (-2), Illinois (-1), Iowa (-1), Louisiana (-1), Massachusetts (-1), Michigan (-1), Minnesota (-1), Missouri (-1), New Jersey (-1), New York (-1), and Pennsylvania (-1).

If you're located in one of the states in the latter group, that means you're going to lose power. In that case, organize a local effort to take smart action to reduce immigration.


America's next civil war between the appropriating mob of Socialists and property owners will break out in TX and get ugly quick. For 20 years TX has ignored mass illegal immigration while pretending "there's no ill effects" (like millions more socialist voters), demographics will soon force the piper to be paid.

Smitty is right, the boys in tx are mad to allow this evil to happen, one of my great grandfathers helped to make that a great state and now it will become mexico with all its evil and all its madness of race hate for any other race. But you got to love mexicans most make KKK Guys look like loving multicultural gay guys.