Crooked Towns: Sharon Cohen/AP on illegal immigration in Marshalltown, Iowa

In addition to PIIPPs, a new way the mainstream media attempts to sell massive immigration - usually of the illegal variety - is through what we'll call "Crooked Town Story". These articles - some quite long - detail how a small town has changed after an influx of "immigrants", most of whom are illegal aliens. In most cases this involves what more honest reporters would recognize to be forced demographic change and this almost always involves one or more "bosses" of some kind: major employers that are profiting from illegal activity.

And, in most cases it's quite clear that the town is swimming in corruption, yet the stories at the most dance around that issue. And, they usually fail to point out other ways the towns could have been "saved", such as the major employers raising wages to attract legal workers. And, of course, they completely fail to "follow the money".

The first example is "Immigration wars squeeze Iowa town" by Sharon Cohen of the Associated Press about Marshalltown, Iowa, home of a Swift & Co. pork processing plant.

It's certainly not as bad as it could be, but after some statements from local leaders expressing opposition to illegal immigration, she offers the sales pitch:

And the town can't thrive without immigrants. The dramatic growth in the Hispanic population - from a few hundred in 1990 to perhaps as much as 20% of the 26,000 residents - has pumped new blood into this aging rural community.

Then, she quotes Mark Grey, "a University of Northern Iowa professor and immigration expert" and someone who sounds like a real piece of work:

"The leaders know darn well this town would really be suffering if not for the influx of refugees... They can wax nostalgic for the good old days, but the good old days are gone." ...Several times, town leaders have signed on to join Grey, the professor, to travel to Villachuato, a dusty, poor farming village in Mexico that is the source of many of Marshalltown's immigrants... "I wanted them to understand the economic conditions that drive people out of Mexico," says Grey, director of the Iowa Center for Immigration Leadership and Integration []... ...Houses with dirt floors (and without electricity), unpaved roads and people desperate for work all provided compelling evidence. But the trip also revealed something else to Walker, the police chief, as he questioned villagers: "I said, 'How many of you have been to Marshalltown?' All the hands went up," he says. "'How many of you did it legally?' All the hands went down."

I believe is partly funded by federal money, and their director knows that his efforts involve those who are engaging in illegal activity. Perhaps one of our representatives would like to investigate exactly how they're spending the money. And, believe it or not, there are parts of Los Angeles with unpaved roads and people desperate for work, and there are far poorer situations in other parts of the Third World than anywhere in Mexico.

Needless to say, Cohen just lets him talk and doesn't ask him about any of those issues.

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Tom Vilsack is not a real Democrat. He is a corrupt corporatist DLCer. True Democrats hate hate hate what the DLC and the Clintonistas have done to their party. Vilsack was so delusional that he actually thought he could run for President after having been the head of the DLC for years. His campaign went nowhere because long suffering true Democrats were up in arms over his supercilious nonsense. The only way to move this counntry towards a sane and just immigration policy is for folks in both parties to admit that both parties have been corrupted by Illegal immigration. If Lonewacko is willing to call out the corrupt Republicans, then Democrats should do the same with those within their own party.

Those posting are correct when they say, call out BOTH political parties. Both parties have representatives who contacted ICE when raids were conducted, to complain. They were calling to represent the meat packing industry who just happens to provide money to those campaign coffers. Whenever corruption rears its ugly head, one can "always" just follow the money. Money, or excess, greedy corporate profits if you will, are what has driven this influx. While many championing the immigration influx will use derogatory remarks, name calling, and any other character assassination tactic to justify their positions rather than facing actual facts, the real issues are "ILLEGAL" aliens sneaking into the country. Legal immigration is not really the issue. How many we should immigrate in is always a question that when addressed reasonably & aside from the idiotic rhetoric of hate & obfuscation, that can be answered after proper study. But so long as millions have already come in and millions more will, and they plan to do so illegally, no rational discussion can be held until that is fixed! That is NOT racist, bigoted, nationalistic, xenophobic, biased, or any other deflecting adjective one can throw to avoid dealing with reality. Its just plain FACT. Mexico allows immigrants to be shot, raped, robbed and assaulted during their treks to the American border from points south of Mexico. But we hear no mention of this in the press. All we hear is how "terrible" America is. So long as we are told only one side of the story and that side does not reflect facts on the ground or allow us to see the entire issue, we will be manipulated by radicals, racists (yes they are, just listen to their rhetoric at a rally), politico's and greedy corporatists, whose only intention is to take anything they can get their hands on from everyone else! We have been screwed because "we are the nice guys." If even 1% are now angry about the illegal alien issue, can you really blame them?