March 25 Coalition flyer

From march25coalition . org/organize

May 1st, 2007 we will be out in the streets, not shopping or selling, if possible not working; but Marching.

On February 3rd & 4th, 2007, a Conference hosted by the March 25th Coalition culminated in a call for a national day of actions for workers and Immigrant's Rights. The day, May 1st, 2007.

During the two day conference, representatives from around the country came together in Los Angeles, Cal. and agreed on a National Campaign to bring about true comprehensive Immigration Reform. From New England to the South West, from the South to the North West, people came together at the Lioya Law school to begin to map out a plan of action leading to May Day mobilizations.

...May 1 is the next necessary step towards a comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill that does not tear apart families or criminalizes the millions of people who have been forced by globalization and the so-called Free Trade agreements to leave their families, communities, country's of origin and ways of life, to risk their lives and come here to work

Behind a set of demands and Points of Unity which include:

  • Stop raids and deportations
  • Government reconstruction and the right of return for Katrina survivors
  • Money for social services, not war
  • Stop & reverse militarization of the borders of the Americas
  • No to "free trade" agreements, including: NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA & all FTAs imposed by U.S. Trans nationals
  • Immediate, permanent, non-revocable legal residence for all who live in the U.S.
  • Stop the Minutemen, KKK, Neo-Nazis and all racist organizations
  • Access to higher education for all undocumented students
  • Immediate Reunification of all families
  • No criminalization of those giving aid to immigrants
  • Full Legalization for All NOW
  • Equal Rights for All Workers Now
  • Jobs for All NOW

From the PDF flyer

  • Legalization for all immigrants now!
  • Prevailing U.S. wages for cross border Mexican drivers!
  • Protection of all workers' rights!
  • Economic & social justice for Katrina survivors!
  • Money for human needs, not war!
  • Close inhumane detention centers!

...The call for the Great American Boycott II was agreed upon at a national conference in Los Angeles on February 3 initiated by the March 25 coalition. There the National May Day Movement for Worker and Immigrant Rights was formed and is organizing to build a national movement.

National May 1st Movement for Worker & Immigrant Rights www.maydaymovement.blogspot.comc/o United Teachers Los Angeles 3303 Wilshire Ave. 10th fl. Los Angeles CA 90010 - 213-995-4905

The PDF contains the following list of endorsers:

  • Adelberto Central Methodist Church
  • Alianza Nueva Nacion de Guatemala en Los Angeles
  • Angelica Salas, Director - Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)
  • Association Tepayac de New York
  • Border Social Forum
  • Boston May Day Coalition
  • [[California Peace & Freedom Party]]
  • Centro Obrero (Michigan)
  • Chris Silvera, Secretary Treasurer Local 808 Teamsters
  • Comite Pro-Amnistia y Justicia Social
  • Cynthia McKinney, former member of Congress
  • Elvira Arellano in Adelberto Central Methodist Church
  • [[Emma Goldman Chapter of SDS/MDS]]
  • Emma Lozano Centro Sin Fronteras
  • Fr. Luis Barrios, San Romero de Las Americas Church
  • Frantz Mendes, Pres. USW L. 8751, Boston School Bus Drivers
  • Hermandad Mexicana Nacional-California-Nevada
  • Industrial Workers of the World
  • International Action Center
  • Korea Truth Commission - U.S.
  • LUUM - Latinos Unidos de Michigan
  • March 25th Coalition LA
  • May 1st Coalition-New York
  • [[MLK Jr. Bolivarian Circle]], Boston
  • Most Rev. Filipe Teixeira, OFSJC
  • Northeastern Diocese of Saint Francis of Assisi, CCA
  • Immigration Pastoral Center, Inc Massachusetts
  • Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation
  • New Jersey Civil Rights Defense Committee
  • NALAAC-National NGO Florida Convention
  • New England Human Rights Organization for Haiti
  • Northern California May 1 Coalition
  • Puerto Rican Alliance
  • San Romero de Las Americas Church-UCC
  • Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas-SME (Mexican Electrical Workers Union)
  • South Asian Network
  • Southwest Workers Union-San Antonio
  • Troops Out Now Coalition
  • Union de Juristas de Mexico
  • Union de Trabajadores Inmigrantes
  • Union of Progressive Iranians
  • United American Indians of New England
  • United Front for Affordable Housing
  • United Teachers of Los Angeles
  • US-Cuba Labor Exchange
  • Workers World Party
  • [[World Can't Wait]]