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National Latino Congreso: "No Human Being is Illegal", Nativo Lopez, Gil Cedillo, Kucinich, Cuban Five, Fairness Doctrine, and more! - 10/07/07

The 2nd annual "National Latino Congreso" - a meeting of hundreds of "Latino organizational leaders, elected officials, and activists at all levels" is currently underway in Los Angeles ( Yesterday, Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times offered a whitewashed report here. Let's take a look at the groups involved and some of the loony resolutions that were passed. Expect the MSM coverage to be in line with Gorman's report: it will completely cover for far-left racial demagogues and avoid mentioning the loony resolutions. Their "conveners' include: * League of United Latin...

Reportback from the Youth Conference for the Cuban Five - 07/01/07

"by Chris Banks / May 28, 2007" link: I traveled to Cuba as part of a delegation representing the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five at an International Youth Conference on the Cuban Five. Along with Karina Garcia, a Columbia University student and ANSWER organizer from New York City, Gloria La Riva, coordinator of our committee, and I, were eight other people from the United States who attended...

US Cuba Labor Exchange - 03/18/07

Site: Says (T)he U.S./Cuba Labor Exchange is not a travel provider, but somehow facilitates trips to Cuba. Supporter of the [[Free the Cuban Five]] movement.

March 25 Coalition flyer - 03/18/07

From march25coalition . org/organize May 1st, 2007 we will be out in the streets, not shopping or selling, if possible not working; but Marching. On February 3rd & 4th, 2007, a Conference hosted by the March 25th Coalition culminated in a call for a national day of actions for workers and Immigrant's Rights. The day, May 1st, 2007.

Coalition plans May Day actions (2007) - 03/18/07

"Coalition plans May Day actions"/[[February 8, 2007]]/Minnie Bruce Pratt and LeiLani Dowell/Workers World/ link In an historic development in the U.S. immigrant rights struggle, a coalition of national organizations met in Los Angeles on Feb. 3-4 to plan and coordinate the "Great American Boycott II" for May 1.