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Matt Yglesias thinks "Offshoring Is Fine" - 07/17/12

Matt Yglesias of Slate continues his slow, shallow descent into becoming Tom Friedman Jr. with "Offshoring Is Fine" [1].

Tea Party Congress isn't extreme enough for Club for Growth (Allen West, David McKinley, Lou Barletta) - 05/17/12

The Club for Growth has released their "Freshman Vote Study" of how the new GOP congressmembers have been living up to Tea Parties ideals (clubforgrowth . org/freshmanvotestudy). As it turns out, dragging the U.S. where most people really don't want to go is very difficult: 36 out of 87 Republicans who were elected in 2010's landslide sided with the Club 2/3 of the time or less.

George Will, Michelle Rhee, Mel Martinez, Jose Vargas all hype anti-American DREAM Act and mass immigration (Christiane Amanpour) - 07/03/11

George Will, Michelle Rhee, Mel Martinez, and Jose Vargas appeared on ABC News' This Week earlier today, and all of them together with host

How "centrist" will No Labels be on immigration? - 11/26/10

There's a new "centrist" group called No Labels in town [1], but they actually appear to be just a vehicle for a presidential run by Michael Bloomberg. And, it looks like on immigration and trade they'll support policies that are establishment-friendly but which cause harm to everyone else. One of the leaders of the group is former George W Bush advisor Mark McKinnon, and one of those who'll be appearing at their kickoff announcement is Antonio Villaraigosa. Another person involved is John Avlon. And, another person involved in some way is former Los Angeles Times editor Andres Martinez (...

China to overtake U.S. in manufacturing output in 2011 - 06/23/10

From this: The US remained the world’s biggest manufacturing nation by output last year, but is poised to relinquish this slot in 2011 to China - thus ending a 110-year run as the number one country in factory production. ...Last year, the US created 19.9 per cent of world manufacturing output, compared with 18.6 per cent for China, with the US staying ahead despite a steep fall in factory production due to the global recession. If you don't like that situation, take action. The steps outlined on the page about reducing illegal immigration can be applied to free trade as well, and some of...

Glenn Reynolds' idea of a jobs program: free trade (Bankrupting America website) - 03/16/10

Glenn Reynolds says [1] "FREE TRADE: A jobs program that works", which links to "Trade is a jobs program that works" [2] from the site "Bankrupting America". That's run by an organization called "Public Notice", and the person behind both is Gretchen Hamel who was formerly part of the U.S. Trade Representative's office in the George W Bush administration [3]. Yes, all of the above are big clues to what's coming: Opponents of trade liberalization claim that jobs are lost as a result of increased competition with foreign producers. Additional competition can result in some job loss, which can...

Obama admin to close office that tracks jobs lost to outsourcing - 03/04/10

Via "Obama Solution to Stop Outsourcing: Stop Counting Jobs Outsourced (No, Seriously!)" (link) comes this: Like a scorekeeper for the world, a tiny unit within the Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks globalization's winners and losers, and the results are not always pretty for the United States. Manufacturing jobs here, for example, have fallen faster since 1979 than in Canada, Germany or Japan. Compensation for those jobs dropped here in 2008 but jumped in South Korea and Australia. Soon, however, Americans may be spared the demoralization in these numbers: The White House wants to shutter...

Buchanan notes dire consequences of "free" trade, establishment policies; now, here's what you can do - 01/03/10

Pat Buchanan discusses the ravages of "free" trade and other policies espoused by the establishment over the past decade here. Please go read it and then come back here and I'll tell you what you can do about it.

March 25 Coalition flyer - 03/18/07

From march25coalition . org/organize May 1st, 2007 we will be out in the streets, not shopping or selling, if possible not working; but Marching. On February 3rd & 4th, 2007, a Conference hosted by the March 25th Coalition culminated in a call for a national day of actions for workers and Immigrant's Rights. The day, May 1st, 2007.