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Declan O'Riordan
Boise, Idaho, USA
NICU doc, dad, husband. Interests: neonatal HSV, brain injury, hypertension, WWAMI, wilderness, native trout/salmon. Views are my own🇮🇪🇺🇸🇪🇺
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Our Cairo bureau chief @declanwalsh tells his story of having to leave Egypt after learning of a threat of arrest.…
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From @DrDeclanInIdaho
@nytimes @declanwalsh Fortunately, he's Irish
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.@DrDeclanInIdaho: as a supposed Neonatologist, do you find it ironic that @declanwalsh complains about Egypt supposedly trying to restrict his speech, while he & other NYT hacks try to restrict speech on social networks? There's no halfway on opposing censorship.