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Dreamer & Stargazer▪Poet/Writer▪Animal & Environment 💚r▪#FBR #ResistanceFighter▪❤: #Geeks #Politics 💻📽🛫🎶📚🎨▪Vegan▪🚫DM▪RT/❤=dialogue
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From @ABCPolitics
.@SarahHuckabee: At the end of the day, woman "are going to side with Donald Trump." #ThisWeek
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From @rosevalenta
@ABCPolitics @SarahHuckabee Not this woman.
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From @Bliss_Ville
@rosevalenta @ABCPolitics @SarahHuckabee I cannot believe a chritian family would support a man who owns casinos, strip clubs & escort svc
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From @sranger4
@wildauburnrebel @Bliss_Ville @rosevalenta @ABCPolitics @SarahHuckabee Openly adulterated and brags abt it, believes in vicious revenge, etc
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From @wildauburnrebel
@sranger4 @Bliss_Ville @rosevalenta @ABCPolitics @SarahHuckabee I know. All the vile things in one person. #NeverTrump
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@wildauburnrebel: a great way to undercut Trump is to repeatedly make the points on to his fans. #tcot
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From @ndb4ever
RT @Bliss_Ville: If you care about America, then join #NeverTrump by signing up at: and follow @NeverTrump https://…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ndb4ever @Bliss_Ville @NeverTrump: only realistic way to stop Trump is Let me know if you'll help make it happen.