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Tom Jawetz
Washington, DC
Vice President, Immigration Policy, Center for American Progress @amprog/@capaction. Formerly @HouseJudDems @aclu @AmeriCorpsNCCC All views my own. He/Him/His
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@samstein @scottbix Hold up. Didn't we just win an overwhelming majority in the House while the president used the…
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.@Alex_G_Miller: @scottbix, @TomJawetz, etc are lying to you and in effect helping Trump as they always have. Trump is partly/mostly controlled by the loose border Koch bros. His bluster aside, he's very pro-amnesty. In fact, he & Scott/Tom aren't that far apart.
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That’s some ratio, loser.
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If a worker at a MX Target couldn't speak Spanish, would they be kept on? How many Americans are there on the Selection National? MT @TomJawetz [to @Harlan about a VA Target selling MX Nat Soccer shirts & the clerk not speaking English] That’s some ratio, loser.