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RT @BrianOxmanRadio: LISTEN: We talk to @mikesmallcombe1, author of the new Michael Jackson bio #MakingMichael http…
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.@mikesmallcombe1: FYI, so far @BrianOxmanRadio & @KathrynMilofsky are ignoring attempts to get them to ask Trump proxies tough questions.
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Social Conservatives, However Reluctant, Are Warming to the Idea of Donald Trump
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.@BrianOxmanRadio @KathrynMilofsky: I'm checking in to see if you'll ask Trump's proxies the questions I sent ( ).
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Brian and I are it Donald Trump dicussed our showGuests: @JeffJlpa1, @PollsterPatrick & @Bakari_Sellers
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.@KathrynMilofsky @brianoxmanradio: questions Trump, @jeffjlpa1 etc. can't answer: When'll you make news & ask them?