Sandeep Gopalan misleads, shows fallacy of comprehensive immigration reform

Sandeep Gopalan of the National University of Ireland takes to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to promote a European Union-wide amnesty program in "Fixing Europe's Immigration Problem/ Without reforms across the European Union, the Italian race riots will prove only a hint of the darkness to come" (link). He misleads about at least two aspects of the immigration issue in the U.S. and he also shows just how fallacious the arguments for comprehensive immigration reform are:

1. He says "The U.S. experience with the Minutemen - armed vigilantes who patrol the Mexican border - must be a sobering reminder of what lies in store. Italian vigilantes have already conducted house-to-house attacks on immigrants and the day is not far off when they escalate matters further." There are various groups called "Minuteman", and the only one that appears to have been implicated in violence was a very small rogue group whose actions were not in any way supported by the other groups and were contrary to their rules. Not even the best efforts of the Mexican government-linked American Civil Liberties Union and other far-left collaborateurs could catch the Minuteman Project or the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps in illegal activities.

2. He says "Many states in that country have passed harsh laws to take enforcement action against illegals, most notably the border state of Arizona. Backed by aggressive local police officials, these laws are used to harass both locals and foreigners. Employers, landlords, hospitals, and state agencies, all risk penalties unless they turn into government spies." Once again, all the best efforts of the far-left to catch Sheriff Joe Arpaio has only resulted in a grand jury/kangaroo court going after him for unrelated issues. And, of course, the "spies" bit is hyperbole; see this.

3. His proposals include: "Comprehensive immigration reform must be built on strong borders and legal rights to employment. First, all EU states must contribute resources to border states to ensure that illegal crossings are prevented. This must include better policing, electronic fences, and more enforcement personnel. Funds must also be used to transport those worthy of deportation to their home countries after a legal process." So, why not do the enforcement part now, i.e., attrition? If they will do that later and if - as Gopalan implies - it will work, then why not do it now in order to reduce or even reverse the current flow? He doesn't explain that, only playing the deportations false choice.

4. He promotes a guest workers scheme similar to the Mike Pence scheme, saying "Illegal immigrants must be allowed to qualify for these guest passes upon payment of a fine, with a guarantee of returning to their home countries upon expiry of the work permit." If they could require them to return home then, why not try that now? And, of course, everyone knows that "there's nothing as permanent as a guest worker". Once they arrive, many or most will find a way to remain.

You just can't trust those who promote immigration "reform", whether for the U.S. or for other countries.


Minutemen..."armed vigilantes"? Yup, but they're armed with lawnchairs, binoculars and Bengay. I need read no further than this to know Gopolan doesn't know what he's talking about. Further shows the hysteria and intellectual bankrupcy of the open border loons.

Steve is right its all BS..LIKE THE SITE Moonbattery who took me off for stateing facts about this low life government of monkeys.