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"Identitarians" choose dumb, costly way to reduce refugees to Europe - 06/04/17

From [1]: Far-right activists are planning a sea campaign this summer to disrupt vessels saving refugees in the Mediterranean, after successfully intercepting a rescue mission last month. Members of the anti-Islam and anti-immigrant “Identitarian” movement – largely twentysomethings often described as Europe’s answer to the American alt-right – have raised £56,489 in less than three weeks to enable them to target boats run by aid charities helping to rescue refugees...

Canadian government infiltrated by spies? - 06/24/10

From this: At least two provincial cabinet ministers and a number of other government officials and employees are under the control of foreign countries as part of espionage schemes, Canada’s top security official said Tuesday. In an exclusive interview on CBC’s The National, CSIS director Richard Fadden said foreign powers are infiltrating Canadian political circles and influencing public servants, fuelling a growing concern about economic espionage in Canada... ...The report said that Mr. Fadden has alleged that about five countries are casting their hands into Canada’s political sphere,...

Sandeep Gopalan misleads, shows fallacy of comprehensive immigration reform - 01/13/10

Sandeep Gopalan of the National University of Ireland takes to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to promote a European Union-wide amnesty program in "Fixing Europe's Immigration Problem/ Without reforms across the European Union, the Italian race riots will prove only a hint of the darkness to come" (link).

$270 million border wall announced (this one between Israel and Egypt) - 01/13/10

From this: On Sunday, Israel announced it would build a wall along its southern border with Egypt in a move to secure an area through which thousands of African asylum seekers cross illegally each year. ''This is a strategic decision to ensure the Jewish and democratic character of the state of Israel,'' said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a statement. ''Israel will remain open to war refugees but we cannot allow thousands of illegal workers to infiltrate into Israel via the southern border and flood our country.”

UK conspiracy revealed: Labour allowed massive immigration; to "fill gaps in the labour market and make the UK more multicultural" - 10/24/09

[UPDATES BELOW] From this: [Former Downing Street adviser] Andrew Neather said the mass influx of migrant workers seen in recent years [to the UK] was not the result of a mistake or miscalculation but rather a policy the party preferred not to reveal to its core voters. He said the strategy was intended to fill gaps in the labour market and make the UK more multicultural, at the same time as scoring political points against the Opposition. Mr Neather worked as a speechwriter for Tony Blair and in the Home Office for Jack Straw and David Blunkett. While I'm not overly familiar with the...

Londonistan in the news - 07/10/05

In the post "London subway and bus bombing open thread" I said that the mainstream bloggers and the MSM would attempt to ignore the impact that Britain's foolish, tranzi-inspired immigration policies most likely had on the bombings. However, that same day CBS Evening News had a segment on Londonistan.

What assimilation policy? - 03/14/03

Eugene Volokh discusses this Guardian article [1] in two posts: first [2] and second [3]: But if the Le Monde correspondent, and others who have made this point (both in the anti-war context and outside) about other European countries, are right, then it shows that the French and other Europeans have made a very bad mistake with their immigration policy, assimilation policy (or nonassimilation policy), or both.