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Major U.S. news weekly that tends to support illegal immigration and comprehensive immigration reform. There have been a few minor exceptions and a major exception was their 2004 cover story "Illegal Aliens: Who Left the Door Open?" But, that's about it and the last was almost a decade ago.

See also Joe Klein, Swampland, Mike Murphy, Michael Scherer, Jay Newton Small, Ana Marie Cox, Karen Tumulty, Amy Sullivan, and Michael Grunwald.

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Jim Wallis has a low opinion of his supporters (Sojourners, immigration reform) - 02/19/14

If you're a follower of Jim Wallis of Sojourners, I have some bad news: he has a very low opinion of you. In a post at Time Magazine [1], he writes false and misleading statements that would make a used car salesman blush. And, apparently he thinks his supporters aren't going to pick up on how he's misleading them.

Charlie Rose's very weak immigration interview with Jose Antonio Vargas - 09/29/13

In June 2012, Charlie Rose interviewed illegal alien journalist Jose Vargas on CBS News' This Morning. They discussed the Time Magazine cover story Vargas authored called "We Are Americans/Just Not Legally".

New York Times admits skilled immigration braindrains the Third World - 03/14/12

One of the major downsides of skilled immigration to the U.S. is that it also represents skilled emigration from other countries, many of which are struggling Third World countries that need all the smart people they can keep.

Marco Rubio promotes immigration policy that's bad for everyone (Michael Scherer, Time) - 02/24/12

Senator Marco Rubio recently supported very bad immigration policy in an interview with Michael Scherer of Time Magazine (link). Per Rubio:

GOP debate January 23, 2012 ("self-deport", Florida, NBC, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Ron Paul) - 01/23/12

UPDATE BELOW The worthless GOP debates move to Florida tonight. NETWORK: NBC News CO-SPONSORS: National Journal and the Tampa Bay Times

Newt Gingrich considers "draft boards" for immigration (+Jorge Ramos, DREAM Act, sanctuary movement, Michael Scherer) - 05/16/11

Newt Gingrich appeared on the Univision show "Al Punto" yesterday [1] [2], discussed immigration, and showed yet again just how wrong he is on that and related issues:

Joe Klein of Time got anti-Sarah Palin talking points from Journolist - 07/22/10

On the day that John McCain selected Sarah Palin to be his running mate (August 29, 2008) the liberal journalists and commentators on Journolist swung into action, trying to figure out the best way to oppose her ([1]).

Barbara Kiviat of Time misleads about immigration and crime - 05/27/10

Barbara Kiviat of Time Magazine offers the misleading "Does more immigration mean less crime?" [1] about a recent study from Tim Wadsworth of the University of Colorado which purports to show a reduction in the crime rate due in part to i

Mike Murphy has more incredibly bad advice for the GOP (on immigration) - 06/12/09

GOP consultant Mike Murphy offers "The Ice Age Cometh" (link), which highlights the demographic problems the GOP has and offers his incredibly bad solutions. The fact that his solutions are incredibly bad shouldn't be a surprise, since people like him were the ones who got the GOP into its current precarious state.

Howard Chua-Eoan /Time falls for fake McCain advisor ("Marty Eisenstadt") - 05/14/09

Howard Chua Eoan is the news director of Time Magazine, so one might expect him not to fall for a hoax months after it's been revealed to be a hoax. Yet, the article "Tweets From a Washington Dinner (a.k.a. #nerdprom)" (link, via this) by him ("hchuaeoan") and an unknown person using "ssss1222" contains the following "tweet": Marty Eisenstadt, former McCain Adviser. (4 pm.) Ran into Val Kilmer, still on couch at Haddad's house. We're splitting cab to #nerdprom when he stands up. Could be a while. In fact, "Eisenstadt" (real name: Eitan Gorlin) is behind the "Harding Institute for Freedom and...

Hilarious: NYT publisher Pinch Sulzberger praises NYT investor Carlos Slim - 05/03/09

Time Magazine's "The 2009 TIME 100" features a blurb from New York Times publisher Pinch Sulzberger about Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim (link). The latter recently saved the NYT from bankruptcy by loaning them $250 million: I recently had the great pleasure of meeting Carlos Slim. He had decided to invest in the New York Times Co. and thought it would be a good idea to get to know me and my senior colleagues. It was obvious from the moment we met that he was a true Times loyalist... ...for Carlos, insight and understanding are catalysts for action and accomplishment. This speaks to why...

Obama's "Open for Questions": even MSM notices how bad it was - 03/26/09

Earlier today, Barack Obama conducted an online townhall meeting in which part of the time was spend answering questions that had been submitted to and voted up at whitehouse.gov/openforquestions. Sheryl Gay Stolberg of the New York Times has a run-down here. The problems with the system he used are covered in the popular voting systems summary, including a brief description of a better way to do things. As predicted, the questions were weak. However, on the plus side the mainstream media or at least the online version of same appears to be catching on to the flaws in the voting system that...

Betsy Rubiner/ Time promotes illegal immigration for Postville (Agriprocessors) - 01/28/09

Betsy Rubiner of Time Magazine offers "Iowa: What Happens When a Town Implodes" (link) about the aftermath of the Postville immigration raid; see the last link first if you aren't familiar with that issue. The article attempts to emotionalize the issue and encourage support for illegal immigration; consider how it ends: Many townspeople hope a responsible buyer will revive the plant. "We'd like to see somebody who buys it and makes it an honest business," says [Darcy Radloff, the city clerk]. However, everything before that point supported it being run as a dishonest business. Postville was a...

Steve Schmidt should find a new line of work (immigration and the failed John McCain campaign) - 11/10/08

Steve Schmidt - former chief strategist of the John McCain campaign - was interviewed by Ana Marie Cox about the various failures he was involved in and presumably he tries to defend himself against charges that he's completely incompetent; I didn't bother reading the whole thing (link) since this bit is all we need: If you look at the returns from the southwestern and mountain west states, with rising Latino

Joe Klein misleads about Barack Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers - 10/16/08

It's always the stupid ones that give the game away, and two of the stupidest are at Time Magazine's Swampland. A few days ago, Ana Marie Cox lied about (and later corrected) something someone said at a McCain rally. Today, repeat liar and explicit illegal immigration supporter Joe Klein is being extremely misleading about Barack Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers.

Karen Tumulty misleads for Barack Obama (Jeffrey Frederick) - 10/12/08

Karen Tumulty of Time Magazine offers this bit of mainstream media wisdom designed explicitly to support Barack Obama. It starts with something that could have been written by the BHO campaign: If John McCain is as serious as he says about running a "respectful" campaign against an opponent he considers "a decent person," word hasn't yet trickled down to his newly opened storefront field office in Gainesville, Virginia. Then, she shows her lack of respect for anything approaching real reporting: With so much at stake, and time running short, [Jeffrey Frederick, Chairman of the Virginia...

Ana Marie Cox/Time lies about quote at McCain rally - 10/11/08

Wonkette, aka Ana Marie Cox of Time Magazine's Swampland offers "McCain Denounces Pitchfork-Wavers", yet another example of how McCain capitulating to the Democrats is a very bad idea (time-blog.com/swampland/2008/10/mccain_denounces_pitchforkwave.html). The update to that post says: Indeed, [John McCain] just snatched the microphone out the hands of a woman who began her question with, "I'm scared of Barack Obama...

Scott Shane/NYT's pro-BHO spin on Bill Ayers/Barack Obama collaboration - 10/04/08

Scott Shane of the New York Times offers "Obama and '60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths" (originally titled "Obama Had Met Ayers, but the Two Are Not Close"). If you believe the NYT, then everything's fine and dandy, and Barack Obama and 60s radical Bill Ayers are not close. The fact that they aren't close and never were close and nothing funny went on and there's nothing to see here is especially important because Ayers is a former and allegedly unrepentant terrorist who's since been, in Shane's words, "rehabilitated". On the other hand, if you actually want the truth, compare the second...

John McCain ad was right and Barack Obama, MSM misled about BHO's kindergartener sex education bill - 09/16/08

Earlier this month the John McCain campaign released an ad (link, video link) saying in part: "Obama's one accomplishment? Legislation to teach "comprehensive sex education" to kindergartners. Learning about sex before learning to read? Barack Obama. This has led to a wide variety of BHO supporters - specifically those in the MSM - calling McCain a liar. To a certain extent, they have somewhat of a point: the bill might not be an "accomplishment" for BHO since he was just a supporter and not a co-sponsor and since it never passed. And, the McCain campaign might not have correctly...

Betsy Rubiner/Time offers pro-illegal immigration propaganda (Agriprocessors, Iowa) - 05/29/08

Betsy Rubiner of Time Magazine [1] offers a slab of pro-illegal immigration propaganda called "After Immigrant Raid, Iowans Ask Why" (link). The raid in question occured at the Agriprocessors plant in Postville earlier this month, and her article could have been written by that company or anyone else who supports profiting from illegal immigration. The only mention of those who support our laws is in a highly negative light. The reader who thinks she's in any way a credible source of information should research the raid using the last link, then compare it to her article. It starts with this...

Tim Padgett's dishonest look at illegal immigration ("Paraiso Travel" movie) - 03/15/08

Tim Padgett of Time Magazine offers "An Honest Look at Illegal Immigration", about yet another pro-illegal immigration movie, this one called "Paraiso Travel" and starring John Leguizamo: ...Immigration cranks like Lou Dobbs, but also the immigration advocates he lambastes, would do well to stop the cable cacophony for a couple hours and see this movie when it hits U.S. screens.

Jay Newton-Small/Time misleads about immigration (Huckabee, Tancredo, INS) - 12/22/07

A minor example of how Time magazine and the rest of the MSM mislead and/or don't understand immigration issues is presented in "Tancredo's Single-Issue Victory" (link):

Michael Kinsley: simple-minded thoughts on immigration - 12/07/07

Michael Kinsley offers "Kidding Ourselves About Immigration" in which he tries to present an argument for conflating all types of immigration together. You can click his name at the article to let him know what you think. The bottom line is that he's a sheltered Beltway insider who isn't familiar with this issue: Saying that you oppose illegal immigration is like saying you oppose illegal drug use or illegal speeding. Of course you do, or should.

Joe Klein of Time Magazine explicitly supports illegal immigration - 10/24/07

It'd be great if every pundit was so forthright about their support for massive illegal activity. Here's Joe Klein of Time Magazine coming out explicitly in favor of illegal immigration [1]:

How to fight MediaMatters, far-left smears (Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage) - 10/02/07

The far-left is on the warpath, with General Wesley Clark calling for Rush Limbaugh to be removed from Armed Forces Radio as part of a followup to a MediaMatters-originated smear.

Dan Balz (WaPo), Mark Halperin (Time) relentlessly interrogate Rudy Giuliani - 08/07/07

In the past, this site has been sharply critical - to say the least! - of the mainstream media ("MSM"), pointing out that they consistently fail to ask politicians tough questions that would reveal the glaring holes in those politicians' policies. Now, I have to retract that, based on this video featuring Dan Balz (Washington Post, "WaPo") and Mark Halperin (Time Magazine) relentlessly interrogating Rudy Giuliani. They even did it in the aisles of the WalMart in Boone, Iowa... as Rudy was buying granola bars! These two lions of the MSM relentlessly quizzed him in a "take no prisoners"...

Can Tim Padgett propaganda encourage even more illegal immigration? (DREAM Act) - 08/03/07

The DREAM Act is an explicitly anti-American bill that would allow illegal aliens to take discounted college educations from U.S. citizens. Corrupt newspapers and "reporters" have offered a long line of propaganda pieces - called around here PIIPP - in support of the legislation. That propaganda is invariably strongly biased towards the Act and rarely if ever mentions its downsides. Now, here's one in magazine form, from Tim Padgett of Time ("Can Two Kids Alter Immigration Law?", link): When teenage brothers Juan and Alex Gomez were awakened at dawn on July 25 and arrested by U.S. immigration...

Joe Klein/Time Magazine: just a sleazy liar - 05/31/07

In his latest column, Joe Klein of Time Magazine discusses Mitt Romney, and says: [Romney] has flipped on immigration, to better suit the Mexican-fearing tendencies of a segment of the Republican base. That's a sleazy statement which tries to give the impression that opposition to massive illegal activity and massive public and private corruption is due to xenophobia and racism. Now for an example of Joe Klien lying.

Swampland, but without Wonkette (Ana Marie Cox)? - 05/07/07

I continue to be amazed that Time Magazine has stooped to the National Inquirer level of employing Ana Marie Cox - formerly with Wonkette - as their Washington Editor and a contributor to their blog Swampland. Now, there's something you can do about it! Simply use Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension, together with this handy-dandy script that will remove all posts by Wonkette from Swampland. This is unsupported and barely tested, but it seems to work. Simply copy it into a file named something like 'wonkette.user.js', and drag that file into a Firefox window and choose to install it.

Miami: Third World Country, Capital of the Americas - 11/30/06

As discussed, Rep. Tom Tancredo called Miami a "third world country", setting off a firestorm of (largely manufactured) outrage, including a missive from Our Leader's brother, Jeb Bush. "What a nut," Bush told reporters [Wednesday]. "I'm just disappointed. He's from my own my party. He's a Republican.

James Poniewozik: Ugly Americans want to deport Ugly Betty! - 11/29/06

James Poniewozik is Time's TV critic, and he offers a ludicrous slab of pro-illegal immigration propaganda in "Ugly, the American". It's about the 'Ugly Betty' TV show: ...Smart and sweet-hearted, she embodies the Puritan-Shaker-Quaker principle of valuing inner good over outer appearance. She's as Norman Rockwell as a chestnut-stuffed turkey. The actress who plays her is even named America Ferrera.

DSCC: complaining about illegal immigration isn't racist - 08/15/06

A new web-only video ad from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) tries to "Impugn[ the] GOP Claim That We're Safer". It includes a shot of an illegal alien climbing over a wall with the caption "millions more illegal immigrants". While it's certainly good to see the Democrats slightly waking up to the fact that there are indeed untold millions of foreign citizens in this country, somehow I think their opposition to illegal immigration is a bit half-hearted. Especially considering all the

A liberal immigration policy - 06/20/06

From author Po Bronson (link): ...Liberals like me have ignored the way the steady trickle of new Americans has become a massive repopulation program, primarily from Mexico. During the 1970s, 120,000 Mexicans came to the U.S. every year. During the 1980s, it was about 200,000 a year. During the 1990s, it was 350,000 a year. Today, it's estimated at 485,000—every year. One out of every eight Mexican-born adults is now living in the U.S.

Mike Pence's "W" worker visa illegal alien amnesty scheme - 05/23/06

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) has introduced a "middle-ground" illegal alien amnesty scheme. It seeks to split the difference between the full-on amnesty in the Senate and the supposed only other choice of mass deportations. (As usual, the other choice of simply enforcing our current laws is not mentioned). As Rep. Tom Tancredo says: Pence's plan would require illegal aliens to return to their home countries to apply for a new 'W' worker visa.

The "Reconquista" goes mainstream - 04/07/06

And even Insty notices, linking to this by Kaus, which links to a swear-word-ridden rant by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez is a "bestselling American author ...

AP/Ipsos poll: designed to mislead about illegal immigration? - 04/03/06

The AP breathlessly announces the results of their latest poll: "Poll: Most Open to Letting Immigrants Stay": Overall, 56 percent of Americans favor offering illegal immigrants a shot at some kind of legal status; roughly two-thirds of those ages 18-34 like the idea and an equal share of those with a college education agree, the AP-Ipsos survey found. The results are available here.

Time Magazine poll: Large Majority Favors "Guest Workers" - 03/31/06

If a new Time Magazine poll is to believed, around 72 percent of Americans favor a "guest" worker scheme of some kind. Of course, the "is to believed" part is our taking-off-point to mention that the poll question only gave two choices: 1. Allow Illegal Immigrants To Get Temporary Work Visas 2.

"Illegalize illegals: Time for showdown in open frontier" - 12/16/04

William F. Buckley Jr.: The new intelligence law, courtesy of 9/11, is mystifying because it does not face directly what is the most prominent threat to homeland security. It is: inimical action by non-Americans. All the people who participated in 9/11 were foreigners, here under various auspices.

"Big immigration waves nearing political beach" - 12/02/04

From a Palm Beach Post editorial: Social Security used to be considered the untouchable "third rail" of American politics, but immigration soon may replace it. Both candidates bobbed and weaved around the subject during the presidential campaign, and neither party has offered credible ideas for reform, fearing the political implications of being the first to propose unpopular solutions to long-ignored problems.