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Aaron Sanderson
United States
Public Sector PenTester/Threat Analyst. CISSP (and other Certs), OSCP Student. US Army Vet (OEF/OIF) and Father of three. #PurpleTeamLife @Symantec alumni.
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From @OrinKerr
So many fascinating legal questions. Among them..... (thread)
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From @Security_Aaron
@OrinKerr So, I actually have an open WiFi hotspot just to log the phones that pass my house. (B/c I am security co…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Security_Aaron: this is O/T, but I wouldn't ask Orin Kerr questions that require any sense of ethics. Someone was nominated as a judge & Kerr folded on his opposition, refusing to go after him where he was most vulnerable & had expressed little use for our laws.