How to fight MediaMatters, far-left smears (Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage)

The far-left is on the warpath, with General Wesley Clark calling for Rush Limbaugh to be removed from Armed Forces Radio as part of a followup to a MediaMatters-originated smear. That follows the same group having smeared Bill O'Reilly, and, apparently unrelated to that, the San Francisco supervisors (led by Gerardo Sandoval) have passed a resolution condemning Michael Savage for "hate speech".

What can you, yes you, do about these attempts by the far-left to silence their critics?

One thing you can do is to point out and publicize errors in the coverage by MediaMatters, ThinkProgress, and similar smear merchants.

Even easier, take the "re-transmitters" to task: try to reduce the credibility of those who simply rip-and-read from Media Matters press releases. For instance, consider this comment I posted on an entry by Karen Tumulty of Time Magazine a few days ago (linking added):

This is truly negligent "reporting" on Tumulty's part. If she's going to provide a quote like this, she might want to at least acknowledge the other side. Is Tumulty a real reporter, or just a hack?

If enough people do things like that (being situationally appropriate of course), eventually it will sink in, and people like Tumulty will learn to think twice before simply promoting Media Matters smears.


You have to appreciate the richness of the irony: The Left complains that Talk Radio does not present "both sides of the argument" ... and pushes that agenda by ignoring and misrepresenting any side other than theirs.

I love how y'all consider their own words *in context* to be "smears" and "misrepresenting".

Don't you really mean you are a STOOGE??? I think you made a typo...I corrected it for you... I wonder if we can put all these politicians in a room to play amongst each other and then get real common sense administartors to run the country...sounds good to me!

The difference between a leftist and a liberal is that a leftist doesn't really care about being caught in logical contradictions or hypocrisy whereas a liberal is only under the influence of leftist ideology and can be deprogrammed. Free speech is an essential element of that deprogramming, which is why leftists so often favor censoring truths that contradict their ideology. Thus their attempts to intimidate into silence or even outlaw anyone who disagrees with them on race or immigration. Fight the PC police by thinking for yourself and speaking your mind.

Bill O'Reilly is far left to me. listen to savage nation and have some fun.

Michael Savage reflects the same rage I feel about the OPEN borders that are destroying my country!