Poll: 61% oppose California driver's licenses for illegal aliens (51% of Hispanics & Democrats oppose)

California state assemblyman Gil Cedillo has yet again introduced a bill to give drivers licenses to give illegal aliens.

To determine public support for the plan, KABC commissioned a Survey USA poll of Los Angeles area residents [1].

The results show that 61% oppose giving illegal aliens licenses to drive, and only 35% support the plan.

Moreover, majorities of both Hispanics (51% against, 45% for) and Democrats (51% against, 44% for) oppose giving illegal aliens drivers licenses. The only groups where a majority favor the idea are those identifying themselves as liberals (44% against, 55% for) and those 18 to 34 (45% against, 51% for).

This was conducted in Los Angeles, which is the most liberal area of the state outside of San Francisco. No doubt the poll results would be even less favorable to those like Cedillo in other areas of the state.

[1] The full poll results are here. It's SurveyUSA News Poll #19015, conducted 2/23/12 in the Los Angeles DMA ("Designated Market Area") for KABC-TV.