California DMV inconveniences citizens to help illegal aliens (walk-ins, appointments)

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is now handing out drivers licenses to illegal aliens. They expect over a million illegal aliens to apply and have hired hundreds of new workers and opened four new temporary offices to handle the demand.

The DMV is also inconveniencing citizens and legal residents in the process.

I called the DMV earlier today to make an appointment and I was told that the earliest appointments were in March and April. Not only that, but there are only two DMV offices in the Los Angeles area that accept walk-ins: Granada Hills and Stanton. Both are far from me and the second is in the next county over. I was told to arrive at 8am and expect a two to five hour wait. I was informed that other DMV offices may, at their discretion, allow walk-ins but that it wasn't certain that any other office would and likewise I'd have to show up at 8am.

In the past, I've been able to either make an appointment or if I had more urgent business I could walk in to any DMV office and wait. I think the longest I waited was one time at the DMV office near USC; that might have been as much as a few hours. Other times I've walked in the wait has been less than an hour to perhaps one and a half hours.

On the plus side, perhaps when others who need to visit the DMV find out that they're being greatly inconvenienced in order to give IDs (and potentially Motor Voter forms) to illegal aliens, they might decide to help with campaigns against illegal immigration.