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Donna Carol Voss
Cultural and political commentator. Author. Blogger. Weekly radio guest on Ringside Politics WGSO New Orleans.
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From @sendavidperdue
These fixes to our immigration system guarantee we won’t be back here in just a few short years. It’s a reasonable…
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@sendavidperdue Visa overstays are being ignored in the debate. half of the illegal aliens d/n come over our border…
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From @donnacarolvoss
@DAKDIS @sendavidperdue Would it be accurate to say that legal visa holders have skills/knowledge or they wouldn't…
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@donnacarolvoss @sendavidperdue Holy cow. Temp visa holders, which includes low skill guest/farm workers, students…
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From @donnacarolvoss
@DAKDIS @sendavidperdue It was a sincere question. I was trying to figure out if the wall would still be effective…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@donnacarolvoss: FYI, @DAKDIS is just another grifter. I've repeatedly asked for his help with smart plans that'd reduce illegal #immigration and he's refused. He's only in it for what little money he makes by doing whatever it is he does. More details on request.