Census Bureau releases 2007 poverty/lack of health insurance numbers: watch out for liars

The Census Bureau has released their report with the numbers of those below the poverty line and without health insurance for 2007; see this PDF file. What you'll probably hear from the mainstream media and others is that 45.7 million "Americans" are without health insurance (down from 47 million in 2006), and that there are 37.3 million "Americans" below the poverty line (up from 36.4 million in 2006).

Both of those are subtle lies: not all of those people are Americans; millions of them are citizens of other countries. A small number of them might be short-term visitors with more being legal immigrants. However, a good percentage of both figures are illegal aliens: the Census Bureau counts them as well and doesn't break out their figures by someone's immigration status.

For a more in-depth discussion of that topic using 2006 numbers, see this Barack Obama lie, and see also this related DNC lie.

Those below the poverty line in 2007 are:
* 12.5% of all those counted (37.3 million)
* 32.5 million are citizens
* 4.7 million are not citizens

The poverty rate for various statuses in 2007:
* native born: 11.9%
* all foreign born: 16.5%
* naturalized citizens: 9.5%
* non-citizens: 21.3%

Those without healthcare in 2007 are:
* 15.3% of all those counted (45.7 million)
* 35.9 million are citizens
* 9.7 million are not citizens

The without health insurance rate for various statuses in 2007:
* native born: 12.7%
* all foreign born: 33.2%
* naturalized citizens: 17.6%
* non-citizens: 43.8%


Ilegal aliens already have free health care in this country. The ER is nothing but a free health clinic for them.

texrunner is right and sad to say millions of us who are paying will pay more when this BS Guy obama becomes the next ruler. a great line.."wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight and learn, too late they grieved it on its way". and may God help us all.

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Fred's missing a big point. Emergency rooms are a hell of a lot more expensive than any other sort of care. Second, what we have now is someone who thinks he's a "ruler." That wouldn't change under McCain.