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Jill Colvin
I ❤️ NYC
White House reporter for The Associated Press (@AP). Reluctant Washingtonian. Night owl. Quiet car enforcer. Tell @jeremyherb I want a puppy.
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@JonLemire @colvinj @AP on the bumpy, dangerous ride America is on now.
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From @LItalianoVero
@mikebarnicle @JonLemire @colvinj @AP Things are awesome. We are almost done #erasingobama then things will be even better
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From @JimCruickshank
@mikebarnicle @JonLemire @colvinj @AP Dangerous ride NOW? Imagine what will happen if Trump wins in 2020! Or if he…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Only his judge picks will outlast the Trump admin. His successor will undo everything else & go in the opposite direction. Congress will tear down his "wall". MT @LItalianoVero [to MSM hacks] Things are awesome. We are almost done #erasingobama then things will be even better
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JimCruickshank: 1. Twitter censored your reply to @mikebarnicle (see "LowQuality" at my top tweet). 2. Nothing Barnicle, the AP, etc have ever said has undercut Trump. If Trump had been really questioned about his elevator speech, he would have had to drop out in 2015.
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.@LItalianoVero replies "Only if Dems win it all. Which they won’t" Dems don't have to win it all to rollback almost everything Trump has done, & sooner or later they will win it all. Why do you resist urging Trump to push patriotic plans in smart ways?
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From @JonLemire
NEW YORK (AP) — It was the escalator ride that would change history. Four years later, a look back with @colvinj
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From @ConstProg
@JonLemire @colvinj From the headline, it sounds like a Trump-ego-stroking puff piece.
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From @AllanSchlosser
@JonLemire @colvinj The perfect metaphor for America's descent on his watch.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AllanSchlosser: just as Trump is a descent, so too are all those like @JonLemire. Trump would have dropped out in Sep 2015 if a real reporter had really pressed him on the corollaries of his elevator speech. Instead, those like Lemire made everything very easy for Trump.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ConstProg: everything those like @JonLemire do is in effect pro-Trump. They harp on trivial things and get things wrong, reinforcing Trump's #FakeNews narrative. They ignore huge, obvious (to me) vulnerabilities: his incompetent PR response, his amnesty pushes, etc. etc.
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.@colvinj: why should Americans of Argentinian/Cuban/etc. descent feel outreached by Chris Christie visting Mexico? #tcot #teaparty #gop
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@colvinj: on #CNN, Michael Bloomberg will be promoting very bad #immigration policy: #OccupyWallStreet #Occupy