Martha Coakley immigration position: ignored status as DA; supports massive immigration

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The audio at has a radio interview with Martha Coakley about immigration. She doesn't appear to be a raving loose/open borders loon, but her position is bad, she admits that she wasn't fully doing her job, and part of her position is quite "business-friendly". See [1] for a discussion of the not-fully-correct video and the headline at the page, but the more important thing is her position:

1. She wants a "good pathway to citizenship", aka comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. See that link for the impacts of what she supports.
2. She says "I know serving as district attorney we always paid attention to the person and not their [immmigration] status." Then, she goes on to discuss victims of crimes, not perpetrators. Whether she ignored their status in all cases or just with victims isn't known, but what she's discussing is similar to sanctuary cities, L.A.'s Special Order 40, and so on. The way to avoid the problems associated with contacting ICE about victims who might be illegal aliens is to reduce the numbers of illegal aliens; Coakley's policy wouldn't do that. She also says she went after employers of illegal aliens; if anyone has the details please leave a comment. Whether she did or didn't, simply going after employers is only part of the problem; illegal aliens can just go to work for someone else down the street.
3. In her attempt to put a smiley face on massive illegal activity and stick up for illegal aliens, she refers to illegal aliens "who are trying to be good citizens". A lot of Democrats seem to make a similar mistake.
4. She wants to secure the border, but they all do. As discussed at the link, sometimes they mean it, sometimes they don't. She's leaning towards the latter group.
5. She wants "appropriate visa policies for workers that we need in particular parts of the country", i.e., guest workers.
6. She says "we're always going to have open borders", which doesn't mean what the video claims it means. Unless she went suddenly radical for a few seconds of the tape, she means a safe legal orderly flow of legal immigrants, visitors, and so on.
7. She thinks the Transportation Security Administration could do a better job than indiscriminate checks, wants to prevent terrorists and criminals from coming here, and so on. Few people would object to that, but she also didn't give any specific examples of what she means.

[1] The verumserum page and video makes misleading claims instead of trying to understand what she meant. Even Ed Morrissey of HotAir calls them on being misleading, and that's not a good sign:


It's not unreasonable to suggest my headline on the Coakley immigration post/video may be misleading. I have no problem with Ed's (or your) comments on the matter. I actually struggled with that headline (which in general is not my forte). Originally I had "Coakley: We're Always Going to Have Open Borders" as the headline. But then Breitbart.TV used the first quote and I changed it. Not to excuse the headline, but if you read my post on Verum Serum you can see that I did not emphasize this portion of her statement. In fact, I also embedded audio of her full statement on immigration. Which makes crystal clear IMO that she completely disregards immigration status in her prosecution of the law in MA. This also happens to be the unspoken law enforcement policy here in CA. Which doesn't make it right. Anyway, point conceded...and I hope people read my entire post to get the full context.

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